Liverpool Football Club Latest News You Should Know

The Merseyside Club had their most thrilling game this month when it was only one month-old. However the Reds have completed the month rather lowly compared to the same time December 2015. Detailed below is Liverpool Football club latest news.

You should have seen the goal! The breakthrough was incredibly fast. Clyne shoots from the half line to Adam Lallana who tips a shot to Christian Benteke who accurately shoots into bottom left part of the goal of the Sunderland lads and makes the maiden goal of the match. I just cannot help remembering. There were other attempts, though futile, but no shot crossed the goal-line so Liverpool still won.

Liverpool has been targeting League 1 giants goalkeeper, Steve Mandanda, who is to replace the Belgian, Simone Mignolet. It is claimed that Steve is in intense talks with the club. This has been caused by the instability of the current keeper.

Liverpool also hopes to sign the Leicester city talent for 4m Sterling Pounds to improve on the squad while Sergi Carlos extends his loan deal until the end of 2015-16 season. The manager is considering to move Ben Chilwell to Anfield owing to the fact that he is a highly rated left back at the Huddersfield town. Arsenal had also eyed the lad only to have their offer rejected. Think of it 3.5 million Pounds offer rejected!

The shot has raised the position of the team to seven in the Premier League current standings. This was pretty good to win on boxing-day though no player loves deserting his kin on Christmas to play. This gives the team a lifeline to as better start on the second half of the season.

Mignolet, though being rankled with claims of instability, engineered the zero on the hosts score-sheet stopping a straight shot by Borrini. Man you would smell the adrenaline flowing in all Liverpool fans facing the hazard of an equalizer and getting into the guillotine dubbed draw.

Liverpool will part with 7 million euros to attain services of Marco Grujic from Red Star Belgrade who will be leaving for Merseyside this week. However, since he will be remaining till the season is over, the reds will be receiving 1 million euros only. Grujic made his first debut when aged seventeen. He has scored five goals this term and also participated in the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in New Zealand, playing for Serbia.

Mannone had also stopped easily a strike that would double the goals. With the ball at the left, Coutinho would have added the advantage if his strike had not been too low. The attempt he had screwed raised hope for Liverpool. He had another similar attempt that did not yield a goal too.

The reds are also willing to part with 7 million euros to secure the services of Marco Grujic who will be leaving to Liverpool this week for a medical. The player is currently at Red Star Belgrade However since the player will be remaining till the season is over his club will have to get 1 million euros only. Such is the cost of withholding a player! But it has its benefits too. Anyway the Reds must be in top form as soon, they will be playing against West Ham.

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