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Liverpool remains among the most successful soccer clubs in Europe. The team has achieved among other fetes, eighteen league titles and five European cups. Liverpool football club latest news tell a tale of resurgence as the reds seek to rise from the slump they have been experiencing over the past decade. With the mid season transfer window about to open, there are speculations of transfers that will excite every enthusiastic fan.

2015 ended with the team holding an improved position seven in mid-season. This resulted from eight wins, the latest being the single goal win at the Stadium of Light over Sunderland. The Reds have suffered five painful defeats this season. A zero goal difference indicates an improving team that is conceding as much as it is scoring. This performance has earned them thirty points, nine behind Arsenal who lead the table.

The entry of Jurgen Klopp as manager was viewed as a turn around moment for a team that lives in the shadows of its former glory. He is one manager who is a favorite of fans, players and the management because of his soft spoken nature. He has adopted a soft approach to the game much to the amusement of a city that holds a rich footballing legacy.

Maintaining the best form among players is important to ensure a successful second half of the season. Injury on skipper Henderson Jordan is causing the manager nervous moments. Benteke has shown an incredible form and his role is bound to get more bold in the coming weeks. He has perfectly filled the gap left by the unavailable Danny Lngs, Daniel Sturridge and Divock Origi.

Klopp rose to limelight with his conquest in Germany after leading Borussia Dortmund to a Champions League appearance, Bundesliga titles in 2011 and 2012, among other trophies in his seven years as manager. He is camera shy though he likes to take away pressure from his players. He targets a long term coaching career with the reds and building a team that can win trophies. The resilience he has built in his team has seen them maintain consistent form as they rise higher on the table.

Is Liverpool capable of challenging for titles? Who are the players to watch and what impact has the new manager had? What is the rating of players amongst themselves and other EPL bigwigs? There are indications that Klopp has built a well balanced team. It has scored as much as it has conceded but is beginning to play a beautiful game. It has found a way of winning crucial home and away games.

Rumors indicate that Danny Ward, the skipper on loan to Aberdeen may be returning to Anfield. Klopp is said to be impressed by his performance. Contractual career for Jose Enrique is coming to an end and he might be leaving Anfield.

Liverpool rumors indicate that the club is preparing a 23.5 million pounds bid for Berahino. Coutinho is also linked with a move to Spanish giants Barcelona which spells trouble for Klopp. As the manager seeks to strengthen his defense, he is said to be eyeing Lazio goalkeeper.

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