The Work Of Pile Drivers

In every construction site, the initial activity is movement of piles so as to offer stability. The piles are also beneficial in construction of foundations in bridges, buildings and piers. Many of the pile drivers learn these skills through apprenticeship programs.

To be considered for the training, you should produce a certificate confirming that you have completed high school studies. Thereafter, you will be required to work as well as study. In a year, you should make 2000 working hours. You can only get to this figure if you work full-time.

Besides working, you will also be required to attend classes which are related to this kind of work. In total, the course is meant to last for 160 hours. However, any student who has attended the training for 120 hours is considered. Nevertheless, this is not standard in all the countries. You need to confirm the details in your country of residence. Any premises which are convenient for learning can be used in conducting the training. However, technical institutes and vocational schools are preferred.

The apprenticeship lasts for a period of four years. If you are not successful at the end of this duration, then you cannot be selected to be a pile driver. There is also an exam you will have to take at the end of the training program. You will be able to operate crawler treads, locomotive cranes, barges and skids after you have qualified.

You will be required to move foot and hand levers when hosting equipment. This is done to position the piling leads or hoist them. You will also have to do this when positioning hammers on top of the pilings. You are also responsible for conducting equipment checks before you operate them. This is very crucial as it confirms their functionality.

The drivers have to drive pilings so as to support structures. This is accomplished using heavy equipment. In activating power hammers, the driver is supposed to turn valves and move levers. Some instances require one to drop or raise the hammers. You are responsible for making this choice depending on the situation. The equipment need to be lubricated, refilled and cleaned at the end of the day.

It is your role to operate vehicles, automated devices and equipment. They have to be maneuvered and navigated well when running them. This is not a job you can leave to less qualified people. In addition, one will also be required to operate vehicles carrying passengers, forklift, watercrafts and even aircrafts.

You ought to take the training very seriously if you wish to succeed. Because of the technicalities involved in operating such equipment, the learning process is intense. Only aggressive students will be able to make it up to the end. The instructors are strict for they understand the threats posed by this equipment if they are not handled well.

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