When To Start Horse Riding Lessons Okotoks For Children

It is not odd to see children and young people who grow around horses wanting to learn how to ride. Some of the children may be very young therefore parents look for advice on when to start horse riding lessons okotoks.

Children from the age of seven can start lessons according to experts. At seven a child is deemed to be able to control a big animal like the horse. However, only the parents can best assess if the child can handle this sport at that age. Everyday behavior of the child will dictate if the child is mature enough to start lessons. Some children are very restless and concentration levels very low. Such a child cannot sit on a horse for five minutes making it very dangerous.

It is also important to consider the physical stature of the child, for practicality reasons. Some children even at age seven are relatively short and it would be therefore difficult for them to mount and dismount from the horse or sit comfortably on the saddle.

These schools are strict on the safety of riders. There are mandatory safety gears that one should have before starting any lessons. They include boots, hat, and general clothing. Some people use trainers instead of their boots for the first lessons, which is okay but not the best option. Children loose interests very quickly so it is wise not to buy the boots first and establish if the child is really interested in this exercise.

Protective hats that are available to buy is another must have safety gear before commencing the lessons. A fall from a horse can leave one physically disabled but a hat can protect the head. It is good for a rider to purchase their own hat and checks that it fits properly and is comfortable.

It is important to check the condition of the hat to ascertain if it has been involved in an accident and therefore request for an exchange. Its important to choose a hat that fits properly for comfort and safety; it is only by choosing a fitting one that you can be assured of your safety.

Due to the physical nature of this exercise, riders are advised to wear comfortable clothing. Jeans are heavy and stiff hence uncomfortable especially when wet after sweating. Shorts on the other hand will lead to chaffing as legs rub on the horse. The top should be comfortable enough to allow arm movement but not too loose to avoid being tangled on the reins.

These schools have rules first and foremost for the safety and comfort of the riders. Secondly, the rules cover them in the event of accidents and lawsuits. However, it should be a fun experience even for beginners when all these regulations are strictly followed which is the long run motivates one keep practicing especially for those that pursue this as a sport.

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