Pakistan realty sector – a safe investment haven

The current chaos situation in Pakistan is trammelling the business functions adversely. However, investors still seek to secure their profit margins from the realty sector of Pakistan. This sector is somehow a safe investment haven, with expected trends of growth

Pakistan is currently passing through the phase of extreme disorder. Anarchy and lawlessness can be seen everywhere, which has impacted businesses inauspiciously. Security issues are prevailing in all the major cities of Pakistan. The industrial sector is being suppressed owing to the energy crisis of Pakistan and businessmen seek to transfer their businesses to other countries, which can be regarded as the death of Pakistan’s economy. Secondly, Pakistan is also heading towards the general elections, which may also lead to the stagnancy in the economic cycle.

However, even in this chaos situation, investors seem to be attracted towards the realty sector of Pakistan, which is less likely to be affected by energy crisis, in contrast to other business sectors. Pakistan property sector has experienced marvels in the past, with property prices skyrocketed to great heights. Nevertheless, the recessional downturn that dazzled the world’s economy, also affected the realty sector of Pakistan. Property prices after reaching to the depths of impairments, once again seem to bolster. This makes the realty sector of Pakistan, a safe haven for the investors.

Developments in the real estate industry

The major real estate projects viz. Bahria Town, DHA (Defence Housing Authority), Gulberg Islamabad and Lake City etc. have set new benchmarks in the realty industry of Pakistan. These promising projects seek to attract the prospective residents, property investors, agents and brokers, who are on the lookout for great finds. Every new real estate development of Pakistan is being adorned by the innovative concepts, meant for providing improved living experiences to the people of Pakistan.

Be it the flats in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi or other major residential projects, the property sector seems to show anomaly in contrast to the other industrial sectors that have shown negative trends in the recent years. Vying with the recession, bewilderment and energy crisis, real estate industry seems to be one of the most reliable investment havens.

Profuse investment opportunities

Investors are on the perpetual quest for good returns on their respective investments. Currently progressing large number of real estate projects provide ample investment opportunities to the investors. The developers usually offer property files to the people during the developmental phase of new projects. These files are subject to price hikes in accordance with the progression of projects. Investors secure capital gains through these files and once the projects are completed, plots are allotted and respective possessions are provided to the people. Throughout the developmental phases, prices fluctuate and investors relish returns on their investments.

Considering the current growth of Pakistan in other industrial sectors, the real estate industry seems to be performing reasonably well.  Whether we talk about flats in Islamabad for sale, Bahria Town properties for sale, DHA properties or other real estate developments of Pakistan, price trends are presumable to ameliorate and they do not seem to level off shortly.

The bottom line

It is equally imperative for Pakistan to remain heedful towards all the industrial sectors. The survival of Pakistan is unlikely to be possible based on the realty industry merely. Undoubtedly, the realty sector is a safe haven for investment but other sectors also need to flourish for ensuring the going concern of Pakistan.