Tips to Improve the Curb Appeal of Single Family Rental Properties

Whether your home is for sale or rent, the curb appeal of your property makes a tremendous impact on buyers or tenants. It also acts as a catalyst in securing new tenants during peak leasing season. If your property showcases eye-popping lawn, yard décor, and beds, it inevitably invites tenants to explore the interior of your property for further positive points.

But, don’t ever think that enhancing the curb appeal means spending lumps of money on beautifying the exterior of your single family home. Establishing and maintaining healthy landscape requires a little homework and strategic planning.

Here we have compiled a few tested and proven tips from real estate property managers to keep your single family landscapes healthy, weed-free and attractive for your tenants.

Affordable Ways to Enhance Properties’ Curb Appeal

Understand the Difficulties in Creating a Healthy Landscape

Establishing and maintaining a healthy lawn discourages weed growth by proper irrigation, turf management, cleanup, trimming and pruning, and more. These variables may sound like simple, but it requires a little more muscle work create a beautiful landscape. Furthermore, the battle intensifies with the climate change and extended germination cycles.

Mow and Nurture the Lawn

Since lawns are the major part of your front yard, you should mow and manicure it to create an attractive look. Kill or pull the weeds in your lawn and water and fertilize it often to make them look fresh and relaxing. Consider drought tolerant landscaping with artificial grass, succulents, and perennials which don’t demand to water, if you are living in drought-prone areas.

Edge the Driveway

Keep in mind, sprucing up even the minute details of your yard is going to make your property appear newer, cleaner and more inviting for visitors. Install an edge for your property driveway to give it an elegant and crisp look. Stones, bricks, pavers and other combinations of materials can be used to edge your driveway.

Lighting the Walkway

The primary concern for tenants is that the property they are moving into should be safe at night. So, installing lights at the walkway is an elegant and practical way to make people feel safe. Lights at the walkway also prevent the risk of people tripping on any steps into the house. If you are an environmentalist, you can choose solar lights that don’t use any electric power from your house. With solar lights, your tenant would be happy for the fact that they don’t have to pay more for these pleasing lights.

Other Affordable Ways

– Wash the property’s face
– Clean up the yard
– Maintain the garage doors and more.

Contact the best property management service to get more advice on improving the value of your property.

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