Turn Your Garage into a Valuable Rental Feature

For most of the people, a garage is a place where they can keep their cars, and store items that can’t fit in their home. While for some open minded property managers in Kansas City, the garage is the most important essential for your home that can act as an attractive rental feature. But, how? A garage can be easily converted into another room without any efforts to knock down walls or buildings of your home.

Here are some ideas proposed by real estate property managers to take your garage to a very next level to attract more tenants.

Rules and Regulations

Check with Homeowner’s Associations and city zoning laws to learn what you are allowed to do with your property and if there are any particular rules to renovate your garage. This step is crucial because some neighborhoods or cities have restrictions on how many people are allowed to live on the property.

Plumbing, Insulation, and Wiring

To transform your garage into a functional living space, you should include all the amenities of a regular room in your home. These facilities may include e insulation, wiring, electric and more. For this, you should consult with your property manager to find the right contractor who can help you in meeting the needs of your renovation project. He can also figure you out how to reroute the plumbing and electricity if your garage is attached to your house.

Install Additional Walls

If your garage is an open space, it makes your room look bigger, and there is no need for any additional walls. But, if you are planning to build a studio or master bedroom with bath, installing at least one wall is a must.

Windows and Doors

The new room built can be less attractive to most potential renters, if it is trapped in a dark chamber. So, consider installing additional windows and doors to make the room more functional. Work with a professional to get more ideas on installing windows or changing your garage doors into windows.

Flooring Options

Simply don’t go for painting your floors and tossing down a carpet because the flooring is another key aspect that you should show more focus on. Consider laying epoxy flooring, an affordable and easy to install flooring solution. This flooring helps you create a bright, shiny look and provides a high end feel that attracts more tenants.

Use Various Accents

To make your garage door space more lively, you should consider the following accents,

– Painting the walls
– Shelving
– Hanging artworks
– Install bright lights
– Invest on simple yet elegant furnishing

Transforming your garage into a living space is a little-complicated project, but the extra tenant interest will make the time and money worthwhile. Get help now from the leading property managers.

This article is authored by a leading property manager in Kansas City with over 7 years of experience in the industry. Frequently, he writes about the things to do before featuring a property for sale or rent into the market. Visit http://propertymanagerskc.com/ for more.