How To Text A Girl You Like And How Often To Text Her

It’s not about being the most dominant guy. It’s about being the most creative guy and taking risks. Creativity comes before dominance because the creative guy can adapt to situations and make things fun and pull people into an emotionally driven world. The creative guy can create dominance by taking risks.My number 1 rule in text messaging a girl for the first time is to get her laughing. Usually I don’t like to even get someone on the phone it’s either meeting up with someone or text messaging.Do you ever wonder why women always watch drama filled TV shows on the LIFETIME network or even prime time TV? It’s because all women love drama whether they admit to it or not, in fact most women will say to your face that they despise drama despite the fact they are creating whirlwinds of it in their own lives, like moths to a flame they cannot help the irresistible urge to go to where the drama is.

[How To Text A Girl You Like]

The key is to create positive drama in your life. Positive Masculine drama is what I like to call the “what is he gonna be up to next” effect when you constantly have things going on in your life (real or perceived) you are creating the positive male energy that women crave.Here are some example text messages I have used in the past:”WOW, I cannot belie” – (use this example if you are stuck on getting a response from a flaky woman, this will always get a response of some sort).

Today, information is everything and it’s easier than before to convey. We have so many means of communication that perform so fast, you can convey any message you want to anyone. And that is what makes it tricky. That girl probably gets dozens of messages a day, from people you don’t even want to consider. So, in order to not get lost in the sea of people she is in touch with, you need something to set you apart. You need her to be able to identify one of your texts from ten others. So think about what words, phrases and emoticons set you apart and use them.

The Mass Text Message is one to be used sparingly and it also must seem that this text message could be interpreted as a single private message so as an example you could say something like “hey, everyone is going down to the *bar* tonight would like to see your face there!”

If you worry about this coming off as too eager, don’t worry! As long as your text is casual and playful, you won’t have this problem. Just follow the guide lines that I’ve set out in my other articles.What To Do When A Woman Doesn’t Respond To Your Text?This can happen sometime and it’s no big deal. Just don’t give up.Here a good rule to use when a woman doesn’t text you back:If she did text you back, wait a day then text her again. Still no response? Wait two days, then text her back. Still no response? Wait three days, then text her back.

Some men find it hard to approach a girl. Whether you’re young or old, you should know the right techniques to use if you want to text a girl you like. The first time is always intimidating but you can get over that feeling by using some tips. If you are truly interested in a girl, it is important that you get her number.

This might sound funny to you but the truth is a lot of guys were able to win the hearts of women through text messaging. Calling can be a bit costly but if you send text messages, you can save a lot depending on your network. Texting is common these days and it’s time to use this tool to your advantage.

When texting girls, you have to keep the message short, witty, and playful; this is to ensure that she’s happy and will laughing at your jokes. It is important that you exhibit confidence. It wouldn’t be a great idea to ask the girl if she’s interested or not. Find ways to extend the conversation by challenging the things she says. For instance, if she tells you that she’s a good cook, you can dare her to prove it.

You have to wait. Being patient is very important. You can send her flirtatious text messages but don’t overdo it. The text will inform her that you’re thinking about her every now and then. Don’t expect an immediate response. You’re lucky if you can get an instant reply and this can be an indication that she likes you. Here’s another example – if you text her that you’re going to call at a certain time, postpone it for another day. When you call, she’d be dying to speak with you. If she asks you why you were not able to call the other day like you promised, tell her that something important came up. Don’t treat her like a queen yet; making her long for your voice or your text is quite effective.

Now that you know the things you should do, you should also be aware of the things that you need to avoid. Never reveal too much about yourself in the text messages. It’s fine that you ask her questions but be sure to get a lot of questions in return. You don’t have to answer all her queries but make it polite. You should always maintain a good etiquette even over the phone. If the girl does not reply to your text messages, don’t text her with bad words or statements. Again, be patient. Who knows, perhaps her phone does not have enough credits to reply to your messages or she’s busy at the moment.

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