Indiana Marriages Updated Database Online

Indiana is just one of the states that allow its local residents to access its public documents. The Indiana marriage records are among the public records that has the most number of requests in a year. The office of the Vital records Section at the Department of Health Services houses the documents. The office does not release certified copies; it is only released by the county clerk where the couple was wed.

Conducting a genealogy research topped the list of reasons for accessing the marriage records in the state of Indiana. It is followed by the purpose of conducting a check on the marital status of a certain individual. Many are now checking the status of their partners in order to ensure that they are single as they claimed they were. By doing so, problems can be avoided by the couple when processing their marriage.

A lot of information can be found in a marriage certificate that is issued in Indiana. One can know about the name of the bride and groom when they were still single as well as their birth date. Additional information that can be found on the record includes the name of the couple’s parents and the witnesses of the wedding.

The state of Indiana has managed to archive marriage files since 1958. Although the Department of Health Services keeps the state’s marriage records, the certificate still has to be obtained from the office of the county clerk where the marriage took place. The fees for the retrieval of the certificate also depend per county. The one who request for the document will be asked to provide their contact details such as their name and address. Only the couple is allowed to request for their own record. Authorized persons can also retrieve the record provided that they have the consent of the couple.

It is only the county clerk that can provide the marriage certificate in the state of Virginia. If you do not know the county where the couple was wed, one can call the office of the Vital Records Section to check out such information. Doing this first can help you save effort in identifying the county of marriage. One new way to get a copy of the marriage record is to search for it through the Internet.

There is a faster way to get a copy of the record. Now, one can get the record even at home. A free marriage records search can be done online. This method proves to be a lot faster and hassle free compared to the traditional methods. Unfortunately, a free search may give out inaccurate result and it is because of this reason that many still go for the paid option. The results that you can get when going for a paid search is complete and it can be used right away.

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