Public Relations for NGOs

NGOs are non-profit organizations working for the common welfare of the mass, other than the initiative taken by the Government. The welfare list includes sections like – women, children, disabled, relief and so on.

NGOs are based on raised funds and needs proper PR communications for effective fund-raising, and financial support, though Govt support is obtained.


  • Since it is financially dependent on fund-raising programmes , PR is needed to raise funds and enhance fund-raising.
  • To promote it as service-oriented, philanthropic organization, so that charitable trusts, donors can know about them and help.
  • To disseminate information about its products or services, so as to make the public aware of the welfare programmes.
  • To maintain good relation with the media, so that the media can carry the message, both to the donors and to the beneficiaries.


The audience for NGOs can broadly be divided into-

  1. Donors, charitable trusts, other individuals.
  2. Beneficiaries.

Other than these two categories, the other audiences include –

  1. Employees of the organization
  2. Members of board of management
  3. Educational institutions
  4. Student community , willing to participate voluntarily
  5. Opinion leaders- local politicians , Panchayat heads
  6. Other NGOs involved in voluntary activities
  7. Media and their representatives


  • To promote public awareness about the organization’s vision , mission , goals and programmes.
  • To design and implement programmes for public welfare
  • To induce individuals and institutions to utilize their programmes for betterment
  • To promote and produce publicity materials about their services and programmes
  • To maintain congenial relationships with media and their representatives
  • To train and guide individuals and voluntary organizations to take part in the welfare programmes.
  • To promote the reputation of the organization through various activities and programmes.
  • To introduce feedback mechanism so that the public response about the welfare programmes and other activities are available.


NGOs, being non-profit organizations, need strong media strategy to bring themselves into light. They often receive free editorial space from many newspapers and magazines, which they should utilize appropriately. The media can be divided into four categories-

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Folk arts
  • Conventional media
  • New media / IT media

The traditional media used by NGOs for Public Relations include street plays, folk arts, dance performances, skits and so on. The other forms of media may vary from newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, internet, websites, meeting, press conferences and press releases to journals and so on.

These are in brief, the need for Public Relation for an NGO and the ways an NGO could use Public Relations for its benefit.

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