Reasons Why a Lot of Men Are Scared to Commit…

Commitment is the stalemate in many otherwise successful relationships. Most women have an expectation when it comes to commitment. If they’ve been with their guy for some time they naturally expect him to pop the question after a certain period of time. Each couple is different. It may be a few months before the woman wants to take things to the next level or perhaps even a few years. Regardless, if you’re ready and he’s still not, it’s going to cause a lot of friction. Understanding why some men are scared to commit can help you subtly push him past his reservations so the two of you can get on with your future together.
Here are 5 reasons why a lot of men are scared of commitment:

They fear loss of freedom. Everyone has heard at least one joke about how being married is like having a ball and chain strapped to your ankle. Many men take this literally. If your guy is worried that he’s going to have to give up his own personal freedom to be in a committed relationship, he’ll hold out as long as he possibly can.

They worry about money. Money makes the world go around and it also pays the bills. Typically with marriage comes a mortgage and insurance payments. If your guy is barely surviving on his own, he’s going to have serious reservations about committing. In his mind if he can’t take care of himself, how can he possibly take care of a family?

They are fearful of divorce. Divorce is a part of many marriages. If your boyfriend came from a family where a nasty divorce was present, that can taint him towards marriage forever. He knows the pain he experienced and he saw the pain his parents experienced. He may want to avoid that altogether.

They are too comfortable with the relationship as it is. This is often the case of why men are scared to commit. They have it so good they are fearful of rocking the boat. If you two already spend a lot of your time together and you are dating exclusively, he may see no reason to tempt fate by changing a thing.

They aren’t sure they’re with the right woman. As difficult as this is to hear, it’s often the reason why a man won’t commit. Unless he’s convinced that you’re the perfect woman for him, a commitment isn’t going to come into your life anytime soon. He may view you as the right woman, right now. Until he feels you’re the person he should be spending his life with don’t anticipate a proposal.  It’s not coming.

Each man is obviously different when it comes to withholding a commitment. However, understanding the general reasons why a man won’t commit can help you get to the root of the problem in your own relationship so you can move past his reluctance.