Signs That A Guy Is Attracted To You

Is there a guy that you’re interested in but you’re not sure if he is attracted to you? You’re just not sure. He seems to like you but how do you know for sure? Is he just being pleasant or do you have a chance with that guy of your dreams? How do you know if a guy likes you and what are some of the signs that he wants to date you?

While it might easier if men would just come right out and tell you how they feel about you, where’s the challenge in that? Dating and romance is a dance and even though you might feel like you’re going crazy, this is the thrill of falling in love. Real men typically won’t come right out and tell you that they’re falling for you. Men are taught by society at a very young age that they should bury their feelings and keep their emotions inside. Although this might make things difficult for you, there are some signs that a guy is interested in you that will become apparent in his body or, more precisely, his body language.

If you notice that he touches you from time to time then there’s a good chance that he is interested in you. Touching you on the small of your back or touching you on the arm when he’s talking to you are both good signs that he is attracted to you. It’s almost like an internal desire manifesting itself outwardly that he needs to connect with you or that he wants your relationship to move forward when he touches you.

While there are certain cultures and families that are more accepting of touching than others, a man’s touch never lies. If he reaches out and touches you when you are near it very well could be that he is attracted to you and he feels comfortable with you. Of course, if you notice that he touches everybody then this could be his nature or how he was brought up. Either way, this is a good sign and you should reciprocate and touch him from time to time to build rapport and intimacy.

Have you noticed how your man stands when he’s talking with you? In what direction do his feet point? There’s a saying that a man’s feet point in the direction of what he desires in his heart. If his feet are pointing towards you then this is a good clue that he wants you. Also, if he faces you directly when speaking with you then this is a good sign also. This should tell you that he is open and that he feels comfortable with you. He’s ready for the relationship to move forward.

Shy men and guys that have had their heart broken in the past might not pass this attraction test though. Of course, if you’re standing at a bar it’s also much more difficult to face someone directly without appearing awkward. Inversely, it’s difficult to face away from someone if you’re sitting across from them at a small table in a restaurant eating dinner. Try to check out his feet the next time you are talking to him in a normal sort of situation. Also, take notice of where he points his chest when he’s talking to you. This body language will often tell you all you need to know about what lies within his heart.

Look at his eyes the next time you talk in person. Do his eyes sparkle and does he look you in the eye? Something strange happens when a man is falling in love and when he is talking to a woman that he finds attractive his eyes will sparkle. He will smile a genuine smile that causes his eyes to almost smile too. This sign that he is attracted to you can’t be controlled and can’t be denied by any man so check out his eyes the next time you speak to him.

Try not to get concerned if he looks away or avoids eye contact for more than a few moments when you check to see if his eyes are sparkling. There are guys that are shy and sometimes awkwardly shy when they come face to face with a woman that they adore. It could be that he has some self-esteem issues or that he feels that you’re way out of his league if he looks away. It’s not that he doesn’t find you attractive. The exact opposite is true. Let him become more sure of you and that you’re not going to break his heart and you will see those sparkling eyes all the time.

If you notice any of these signs then there is a very good chance that the man that you’re interested in does have feelings for you. Take notice and do your best not to scare him off. Many men are poor at understanding and communicating their emotions. Allow his body language to tell you everything that you need to know and move forward without a word. Many of the best men are shy and awkward so if you are interested in him, let his body do all the talking for now. There will be plenty of time in the future for him to tell you how he truly feels once his emotions overcome his instincts not to show his feelings.

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