The Secret Art Of Legendary Pickup Artist: MYSTERY

There exists in the realm of Pickup Artists many schools of thoughts. Naturally with these different schools of thoughts there exists different gurus, specialists, pickup artists, and disciples. There are systems that focus on simply getting as much sex as you can, systems that instruct you how you can seduce as many girls as possible, and those that show you ways to get and maintain genuine relationships. All these pickup artist techniques are variations of a fundamental system but at different levels of sophistication. I personally do not like the get-as-much-sex-as-you-can systems due to the fact that they are shallow, abuse the pickup artist methods, and generally are cheap, quick fixes that skim on the art of seducing women. I prefer systems that concentrate on real relationships and treating women like humans rather than a talking blow up doll.

If you research pickup artist strategies, there exists a whole parallel universe complete with their own language, viewpoint, code system, and ideals. Amongst the various pickup artist techniques and systems, I will go over the world famous and legendary: Mystery’s M3 Model. This is among the first, if not the first systems that was actually codified into a set structure and serves as the skeleton/guideline for many of the systems out there.


1. Open

2. Female to Male Interest

3. Male to Female Interest


1. Building Rapport

2. Building emotional and physical connections

3. Intimacy


1. Arousal

2. Last Minute Resistance

3. Sex

A1. Open.

You open the set, meaning you initiate contact by approaching them. This includes the dreaded cold approaches, pickup lines, and starting a conversation. Must also include a Social Hook Point. This is the pivotal moment in the beginning of a cold interaction where the set (girls, group of girls, group of guys/girls) want you to stick around for a bit, because you are interesting. This is done by hooking their interest through negging or an interesting discussion sparked by the opener.

A2. Female to Male Interest

You need to get the girl interested, attracted, and/or intrigued in you first. The primary reason women are attracted to men is when men have a high perceived value. Value is created by a pickup technique called DHV (Demonstrating High Value). There are many pickup artist strategies to demonstrating high value and they include things like: story telling, gimmicks, magic demonstrations, psychic readings, negging (playful teasing), interesting conversation, and so on.

A3. Male to Female Interest

In this phase, The HB (Hot Babe) should be baited into demonstrating her own value. By doing this, you’re just attracted to her by her character or charm, aside from her appearances. You have to have her gain your interest and be attracted in something besides her looks. Given that you have already shown your high value from A2, you are in a slight position of power and in a position to evaluate if she is cool enough to hang out with you.

C1. Building Rapport.

In this phase, just the two of you should be chilling and talking. This is to create a sense of comfort with one another. This is the time to relax and just bullshit with each other, find any commonalities, and start to relate to each other.

C2. Building emotional and physical connections

Emotional connection is just talk taken up a notch. Here you want to toss in some stories that make you look vulnerable and sensitive such as childhood memories and tips into your thoughts. After emotional connection has been established, you instantly want to escalate the physical connection using kino (touching). Kinoing is the very best method to develop out of the nasty “buddy zone” into the sexual zone.

C3. Intimacy

The C3 takes place at a possible sex location. The talking/cuddling/kissing turns into heavy making-out and now it’s time to close the deal.

S1. Arousal

When you get to this stage, it is beyond the scope of pickup tactics, but another topic all together: your sexual game. The important thing is to escalate from C3 to S1 smoothly, naturally, and with correct timing. If you escalate prematurely or unnaturally, the woman will get buyer’s regret and you could blow everything!

S2. LMR (Last Minute Resistance).

Mystery wisely says: “Last Minute Resistance. This is the point of no return before sex occurs. It’s often a freak-out moment for the woman.” “This is moving too fast…” “I just met you…” “I’m not ready for this…” Or just pushes your hand away from her important areas. The majority of girls do not want to feel like a slut so they will throw up some type of LMR. The secret here is to not be needy and desperate but rather reinforce the idea that she wants this and you are providing a service.

S3. Sex

Have fun and call/email/text her. Don’t be a jerk and ruin it for the rest of us. Real artists don’t abandon their art after its finished.

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