Why It Is Necessary For You To Join The R Word Pledge

The use of word retard in the daily conversations by people has been strongly condemned in throughout America. The welfare of the mentally and physically challenged persons is grossly violated through the use of these offensive words. Thus the R word pledge was formed to help deal with this in the year 2009.

The main aim of this movement is to help instill the use of respectful language which takes into consideration the welfare of victims of several cognitive and even developmental challenges. The movement aims at informing the public at large that these individuals who fall into this category can be able to achieve a productive life especially if people never regard them to be complete human beings.

The Spread the Word to End the Word movement aims at achieving the very goals and objectives which are held by the pledge. The Special Olympics Global Activation Summit was the place of birth for this initiative where several young people thought it necessary to come up with this movement. The formation of this movement only came to be in the year 2009 when the World Winter Games were being held.

Students from all over the United States usually take part in this initiative by promising to discard the usage of the word retard in their day to day activities. They also promise to educate the public on the same. March 31 is usually the nationwide day for the propagation of this program. Through this movement, some people who hold public offices have been strongly condemned for violating the very objective of this movement and this has even led to them making public apologies. Some of them have even gone to join the movement.

This movement usually aims at achieving its objectives through several ways. One among the ways that its supporters are encouraged to take part in spreading the message is through social media. People are usually advised to tweet that they will actively support the agenda of this campaign through their words and even deeds. The movement also has a Youtube channel and a Facebook page whereby the agenda is usually publicized. Interested parties are also encouraged to sign up for the newsletter so as to keep up to date with relevant information and even schedules for events.

There is also a 46 day event which involves the carrying of a torch relay. Financial contributions are also made during this very event. These funds usually come in handy in further public awareness activities.

The sharing of personal stories which triggered people into joining the initiative is considered to be critical and also very much encouraged. Individual narrations as to the reasons of aiming to join this movement are a vital element in helping promote the agenda held by the initiative.

The movement also aims at equipping the participants with the most suitable ways of handling a case whereby they witness the use of that derogatory statement. This is especially the case since most situations tend to be not suitable for an intervention. Several celebrities have also played a huge part in spreading the agenda of this movement by actively giving it support.

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