A Review of the TRX Trainer

TRX – What Is It?

The concept for TRX Suspension Training was the brainchild of a former US Navy SEAL and the teammates. These serious athletes needed a transportable, versatile and effective way to remain in optimum health wherever their missions could possibly be.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is really a clever exercise system that is essentially a flexible strap suspended from one anchor point with hand grips for that hands and incorporated stirrups to the feet. The TRX Suspension Trainer is produced with industrial strength materials and redundant stitching like the quality perfectly located at the mountain climbing equipment industry. The TRX is made from high grade nylon webbing and load tested approximately 1400lbs. The design carries a suspension anchor strap having a carabiner and several incorporated anchor loops rendering it quick and simple to suspend the TRX from any proper overhead structure such as a solid tree branch, soccer goal crossbar, monkey bars, swing set or perhaps a vertical structure for instance a tree trunk or telephone pole. Anything sturdy enough that can support your system weight and allow unrestricted movement is going to do. The combination in the non-slip cam buckles and pull tabs facilitate alterations in the strap lengths making transitions between exercises rapid and fluid – best for interval and metabolic training.

Fitness Anywhere, designer and seller from the TRX, warranties it’s products for one-year covering any defects in materials or workmanship. As well, TRX products have a very 30-day satisfaction guarantee if you believe the product is not for you.

What Makes The TRX Special?

What makes the TRX Suspension Trainer unique on the list of vast majority of exercise equipment is it’s versatility, portability, and effectiveness and it does all three very well. In all my many years of fitness and sports training, I personally haven’t found an individual piece of equipment that was so small and lightweight, yet allowed users to do literally hundreds of exercises. In addition, the TRX Suspension Trainer is versatile enough to become useful for everybody in the novice on the professional athlete.

The TRX takes the conventional exercises like pushups, squats, twists, and rows (and numerous others) and ensures they are more effective and challenging by engaging the core area. The often neglected core area is important because it supplies a stable base and foundation for your body to move and function.

On the other hand, some of the same challenging exercises can be produced easier by support as well as a means for proper form so beginners or perhaps rehabilitation patients will start slow and gradually increase capacity build strength. Simply moving the position from the feet or hands (with regards to the exercise) and altering the body angle increases or decreases resistance. Moreover, narrowing ones stance can further engage the core muscles, while widening ones stance offers more stability and disengages the core area. This amount of control allows users to adapt workouts to their current fitness level as well as over time easily increase effectiveness against gain muscle strength, core stability, flexibility and metabolic conditioning. From the shear number and various different exercises and routines available, exercising with all the TRX should never get dull. This is an vitally important factor for most people including myself. If exercise becomes boring and tedious, it’s all that much harder to adhere with it.

Is The TRX Worth The Price?

The TRX idea sounds self-explanatory and to begin with the almost $200 price doesn’t seem quite justified. Still, the TRX allows users a huge various exercises as well as the ability to perform these exercises in various locations: in your house, the park, on a trip, in the local rec center, etc. A simple change of scenery will add considerable life to the exercise regiment. Keeping your workouts fresh and fun is vital. When you pick the TRX, explore only receive the straps, but you have the community also. There are practically thousands of blogs, forums, articles, and YouTube videos on the net that secure the TRX system. There are training DVD’s and videos for running, surfing, golf, hockey, football, rehabilitation, and more. Furthermore, the TRX is engineered to handle the extreme and constant use found in busy fitness clubs, military gyms, and the rugged outdoors. In my opinion, the TRX is really a great item of equipment a sound investment.

Currently, I use the TRX approximately three or four times a week for about 20 to 30 minutes per session to supplement my training for triathlons too as an variety of other sports like squash, half marathons, and hiking. Before I would have been a TRX owner, my triathlon and running training was almost exclusively swimming, cycling, and lots of running. Over time, I found the benefits and gains I once enjoyed diminishing because my body system was adapting on the same form of exercise repeated over and also over. Not surprisingly, I experienced the dreaded “plateau” during my training often, I was vulnerable to repetition type injuries, and to be honest, I was becoming bored. After tinkering with quite a few solutions to mix up my training (with varied results), it was my wife who introduced me to the TRX. She had attended a TRX class at the local rec center. Debra found the TRX workouts fantastic and thought it could be the missing ingredient for my training.

The first few sessions with all the TRX was an unexpected education in how seriously I had neglected my core muscles. I tired easily, though the workouts were exhilarating. Gradually, I started to get core strength and progressed by modifying my figure angle to provide more resistance and experimented with some of the more challenging exercises. After a couple of months of progressive TRX use, I found my running and swimming times considerably improved not to mention my recovery time after a race. The most important good thing about all, would have been a restored passion to teach. I didn’t swim and run just as much and replaced these workouts with short TRX sessions. My overall fitness and susceptibility to injury actually improved with less training. It was less training, but more effective and diverse training. Training was fun once more.

Is The TRX Safe?

Genuine TRX merchandise is designed to exceed requirements needed for use in facilities for example busy health clubs, military bases and I’ve personally used the TRX at outdoor boot camps where usage is constant and demanding. As mentioned before, the TRX is thouroughly tested well beyond common weight loads. With all suspension trainers, trust in the device is an absolute must or the gear will not be used. The makers of TRX products recognize this fact also it shows inside quality of the product.

Further on trading of safety, for the popularity, the TRX is just about the target of counterfeit and piece of junk sellers who use inferior materials with without any quality control measures to reduce costs and in effect produce unsafe versions. If you decide to choose the TRX Suspension Trainer and other TRX products, purchase the product or service from the Fitness Anywhere site, from Amazon or one of the authorized dealers in the area. You can find a summary of dealers near you with the Fitness Anywhere site.

What Are The Mounting Options?

Basically, the TRX has three mounting options. First of all, you can use the TRX by wrapping the anchor strap around any safe, weight bearing horizontal or vertical structure. This could be anything from beams, chin up bars, gym equipment, trees, goal posts, etc. With caution in mind, make sure the structure is firm and plenty sufficiently strong enough to bear many times your weight. This option doesn’t require any additional purchases. Secondly, any hinged door can become an anchor point while using TRX Door Anchor accessory. Personally, I use the Door Anchor accessory not until traveling. And, because of this role, it works perfectly. Nonetheless, in your own home I find other places around doors too confining for most of the exercises I prefer. Last of all, you have the TRX Xmount ceiling mount. The Xmount can be a nice option for those who have an area in your home specifically for your TRX, but no exposed beams or everything to wrap the anchoring strap around. The Xmount needs to get secured with lag screws on the support structure of the ceiling or wall. For some people, this could be out of their comfortable zone. In which case, you will want the help of the dependable person or contain the Xmount professionally installed.

Review Summary

It’s quite obvious, I couldn’t come across much wrong with the TRX. When I first heard of this system, I would have been a little skeptical. Even though the thought of suspension training intrigued me, I thought almost $200 dollars for “a group of straps” was pricey and I didn’t feel as if spending more income on something I’d probably just use for a few weeks. Thankfully, good sense won out and I bought the TRX ProPack while using Door Anchor Attachment from Fitness Anywhere and I’ve been enjoying the TRX ever since.

Two aspects in the TRX that I thought could have been improved was the mesh carrying bag and also the foot straps. The included mesh bag could have been a bit bigger so that it is easier to pack it away for travel. As well, I found the foot straps somewhat small for those times when I wear (size 12) athletic shoes. Nonetheless, they are minor issues and for your most part, not really problems in any way.

The TRX suspension trainer is a versatile and convenient exercise system for quick effective workouts for resistance training, core stability, flexibility, and metabolic training. The TRX is exceedingly portable so anybody can exercise anyplace: at home, while traveling, with the park, or with the gym.

In my opinion, the TRX can be used as an all-inclusive home gym, but where it truly shines is like a valuable addition for an existing exercise regiment. The TRX Suspension Trainer keeps exercising fresh and fun! When it’s fresh and fun, you’re prone to keep at it.

Thank you to suit your needs interest in this TRX Suspension Training System Review. I hope you found the info useful…

Thank you and best of luck.

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