Le Pan TC 970 Review

We wanted to take a brief look at the Le Pan TC 970 after observing a group of cheap Android tablets in stores a short while ago. We’ve had concerns in the past with low-cost Android tablets with numerous not even lasting a day. In the beginning we thought it would be just another low quality tablet especially since it was from a manufacturer we never heard of “Le Pan”. Deeper analysis revealed that the real producer is Matsunichi, a well-known Chinese producer. So is the Le Pan TC 970 tablet a more affordable alternative to iPad? Let’s find out in this Le Pan TC 970 review

This tablet quite possibly has got the most dazzling display I’ve observed on any personal computer, which includes my far more high-priced Apple models. The screen can be looked at from pretty much any angle and is basically fantastic. Videos experienced on Vimeo looked great and several of the test pictures bordered on astounding. The live desktop is a getaway and generally there are some cool options provided and a lot of modification accessible in nearly every spot.

Inside the tablet has a Cortex A8 running at 1GHz which is not lousy seems to run pretty good. LePan also includes a 2GB Micro SD. We would certainly have recommended an 8GB or 16GB but at least its upgradable to 32GB. The display is awesome and after tinkering with it I noticed it acts and looks really like the display screen on our ipad tablet. Infact I believe its the same panel. There is still the finger print out issue pressuring you to carry around a micro fiber fabric.

It was very simple to join the tablet to my WiFi. The operating system is speedy and snappy, going between programs without having lag. Many functions can be controlled via voice command. GPS is very interesting and comes with photo maps. The Le Pan TC970 synced instantly and effortlessly with my e-mail and Google contacts. I down loaded Skype and was able to make high-quality cellular phone calls without stress.

This tablet has a front video camera that seems reasonable enough. Sound quality is also fine enough for a product of this size and the battery life seems quite decent. Downloading apps from “the market place” was rapid and easy and there are plenty of free programs. Game titles work great on it.

It would be fantastic if Le Pan integrated a case for this tablet. Whilst it’s pretty much the very same size as the apple ipad, the ipad tablet cases do not match at all since the cut outs are placed differently.

Some Highlights Of The Le Pan TC 970 Are – A crisp 9.7 inch lcd that can handle 720P playback, excellent for those shopping for an alternative to ipad. – It arrives with a 2 gigabyte miscroSD card (expandable to 32 gigabytes) – Wifi, GPS and Wireless bluetooth are also integrated – Full Adobe Flash 10.1 support permits you to see web pages in total detail – Front facing digital camera and mic for video chats – Easily portable, only 1.6 pounds and .48 inches thick, similar to the ipad

The Le Pan TC 970 does look like it has good build quality with an light weight aluminum body and feels quite strong. We were delighted to see that Le Pan skipped making use of plastic materials for the body which often we have seen on some cheap android tablets in the past. Android Market is a real champion and makes it very easy to acquire apps and games. The screen display is great and as talked about before it handles high definition content with ease. It is also simple to setup with any home wireless network, allowing you to browse the web and transfer files. Overall this is a good device that performs well for the price. We would have liked to see it come with a holding case, however, it still represents a pretty good deal for those searching for an alternative to iPad.