How-to Guide to Build Google-Friendly Backlinks

SEO Link Building

After Google releases a new algorithm update, you have probably asked yourself many times, “What backlinks should I build to my website for best SEO results?” Not only you, many and many online business owners are bombarding the same question and looking for the effective answer. In this article, we are going to discuss how to build quality backlinks to your website.

Gone are the days were all types of backlinks were considered good for SEO. Many website owners relied upon sloppy techniques and automated tools to build hundreds to thousands of backlinks every day.

But in today’s SEO world, high quality and relevant backlinks weight the most value. But how do you build good backlinks? You can build quality backlinks using the right strategy and with a good online marketing plan. The answer seems to be very simple, but it needs years of hard work and determination.

Here are some tips you should follow to get good backlinks to your website. These tips are recommended the leading SEO Company in Sydney.

Build Backlinks with Patience

If you have just created your website one or three weeks before, the chances of getting fast and natural backlinks are almost zero. Instead, you will have to build some links and drive relevant traffic to your website. So how do you do this?

One commonly method is to write guest posts on reputable websites. When you write articles, don’t do it just for the purpose of getting a link in the author bio. This method can bog yourself down lately but with the right strategy you can stand up in the front of the crowd. So while writing an article or blog, focus on to provide some sort of information to the readers.

Don’t Leave Footprints on Your Backlinks

A very common mistake many website owners do is to leave their footprints when building backlinks. All your links should look normal and without keyword stuffing, even those that you are building for SEO. Here are few tips to generate a genuinely-looking backlink

– If you are doing guest blog post, always change your author bio and use different pen name
– Don’t use the same description and content for your website all over the web. Create original and unique content.

What Backlinks You Should Avoid

There are several types of backlinks you should avoid in your backlink profile. Here mentioned are the few:

Links from pages with little content – Google devalues pages and websites with very little content and it’s obvious that links from these types of websites carry little SEO value.

Links from Websites That Don’t Provide Information to Users – The best example for this scenario are social bookmarking sites, directories, and article directories. Since all of these can be used only for the purpose of SEO, Google doesn’t give even a single credit to those links

Say “No” to Spammy Comments – If you’re posting spammy comments all over the internet, you will lose your website’s reputation and also you might also lose your rankings in Google search results in the long run.


If you want to build quality backlinks to your website, you have to do it with caution and knowledge. For best results, it’s always better to hire a SEO Company in Sydney to satisfy the craving of link juice.

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