The following points shows how doctors can take advantage of social media and how it is helful beneficial to them and to others.

Initiate Discussions: By making communities on Facebook and LinkedIn Doctors and Patients can share their experiences and develop ratings for the doctors, hospitals and drugs experiences so that patients get to know the best service available.

New Cases: Rare Diseases, Ailments or Special Cases where anything unusual occurs in the medicinal world can be shared via Social Media so as to provide first hand information about the said rare disease or ailment. For instance, if a Doctor in India has found a substantial cure to Cancer or arresting the situation of a patient, his Post or Tweet can get his voice through to a struggling Doctor in Africa with a similar patient. It’s that simple and it’s that powerful!

New Causes: We live in a dynamic environment where many threats are born and destroyed everyday. Doctors can now easily alert people about new causes, symptoms and precautions for people to stay healthy and longer. Social Media Networking empowers people to educate themselves on new medicinal information and diagnose themselves at time.

Testimonials: Satisfied Patients can willingly write testimonials quoting their Doctor’s expertise and treatment which itself is a performance enhancer for any brand online. Testimonials are considered as the best publicity tool since both – the content as well its source are genuine without commercial interests in promoting the Doctor or his/her brand.

Epidemic : In case of an epidemic break-out, Doctors can use Social Media Networking to warn users in unaffected regions of its causes, preventions, symptoms, cures, etc – well in time.

Pregnant Women: Maternity is the most important phase of life for an expecting mother. Social Media Marketing empowers Doctors to publish tips on Things-To-Do, Things-Not-To-Do, etc during pregnancy. Eager mothers often visit YouTube in search of videos pertaining to Exercises of Pregnant Women, Diets, Hormonal Behaviours or Bodily Functions, etc. Doctors can conduct Webinars providing an insight to new parents on what to expect from the future and many other topics. Independent Professionals like Pregnancy Stir offer frequent useful updates for expecting mother on their Twitter Account. Robin Pregnancy by Robin Elise Weiss shares insights on interesting topics like ‘Benefits of Pregnancy during Summers’ and more.

New Medicines & Vaccinations: Doctors can update their colleagues and patients of new medicines and vaccinations available for a particular disease, in a particular region, for an age group, etc. The nature of content should not be commercial and should be ethical in nature. Similarly, responsible brands like USCGlobalHealth can spread social messages using Social Networks. Sabin Vaccine Institute has an active Twitter Account updating their followers of their cause from time to time.

Educational Webinars: Student Doctors & New Doctors often seek advice and assistance of Senior Doctors who are seasoned professionals and can manage more complex cases. The knowledge transfer of such crucial content in the shape of Text, Audio or Video via Social Media Networks can prove very useful to a lot of new doctors out there. Educational Webinars can be conducted using Paid/Free Technologies and popularised by using Social Media Marketing in order to gain maximum exposure for a Doctor/Webinar.

Dharmender is a Digital marketing professional who has worked with over 50 brands across the globe and is now employed with a Social Media Marketing – Vizz Media. He writes interesting articles on various Digital Marketing Services and how they affect various industries.