How To Let Go Of What You \”should\” Be

There’s a massive amount of pressure on you.

You feel like you have to be something you’re not. You might feel like you have to live up to someone standards or act a certain way. You feel all of these things and as hard as it is to walk away from that type of living it sucks you in time after time.

But that’s life.

However, there’s a very different way to live your life.

When you let go of what you believe that you should be, what the world is trying to tell you to be, and listen to who you are deep down inside true magic begins to happen. Everything is making an attempt to drag you towards the middle where mediocrity lives. You are being told to be a specific way without actually offering up much value to the world.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Always be yourself. No matter how many people try to tell you to be like everyone else always be yourself. You come into this world alone and you will go out from this world alone, but to know that you always stayed true to who you were and what mattered to you will allow you to lead a happy life. Know yourself and who you are are and stick to it at all costs.

If you’re willing to step out into the spotlight and be different than everyone else, there are going to be significant forces at play to make you doubt yourself. Don’t listen to the critic inside or the critic outside trying to bring you down. Instead, listen to that wise voice inside of you egging you on to be the person you know you can be.

So chase your dreams and be yourself. Make sure you are doing what you want to do in this life and bringing out the best version of yourself. Sure there will be challenges that come up alone the way, but that comes with playing a big game in life. It’s better to be on the field than sitting in the stands.

Be different. Be courageous.

Do whatever it takes to invest into yourself to become the best person you can possibly be. When you do this you really show yourself and the world that you believe in yourself and know that you have what it takes.

Evan Sanders is a fearless adventurer, professional life coach and writer. He is on a mission to incite the hearts and minds of those around him and help them live their best lives. Read more of his work by scanning through these Moving On Quotes or check out some Letting Go Quotes for some more inspiration and motivation to make some serious changes in your life.