There Is Power In Numbers. Knowledge Is Power, But Then What?

I love information. I am curious, I love to learn, I’m interested, especially when it comes to figuring out why we humans are the way we are, and why we do the things we do. I’ve studied the subject of numerology for a few decades now, always looking for clues, looking for explanations for why certain choices are made, why certain paths are taken. I do believe that with knowledge comes power, but then what, exactly, do we do with all that power?

Using numerology, I can see a person’s strengths, potentials, weaknesses, and assist them in learning more about themselves to hopefully create a happy and fulfilling life. Certainly that is my goal. I can also do numerology compatibility or comparison readings with two or more people and see how they get along.

Whether it is a couple looking at marriage, people working together on a project or even starting a business together, I think it is helpful to see what draws them together, areas where they may not harmonize so well, and make determinations on what type of relationship may or may not work for them. All of that seems to be a great use of the knowledge gained by using a tool such as numerology.

Then there are baby names. As a knowledge is power type of person, I often run numbers on pretty much anything, not just birth names and dates. So I understand that it’s a natural progression for many people who use numerology to be curious about the names they are thinking of for a child who is coming. But….. as I started getting asked to help parents to choose a “good” name for their baby, I felt strongly that this is where I needed to draw the line.

A parent often has a handful of names that they are looking at and want help knowing which one would be “best”. Yikes! Putting aside that there are no “best” numbers (we all have a relationship to each number and one is not inherently better than another), this sure feels like intruding on a natural process to me.

Maybe I’m being romantic, sentimental, or overly spiritual about the situation, but I really do believe that a human who is coming into this reality is going to make you aware of who he or she is, and you will just “know” when you find the right name. It’s always seemed like part of the magic to me. Creating a chart for a newborn is great fun, but doing it before hand, seems wrong somehow.

I think even I was surprised to find that as much as I like digging into the mysteries of life, this was one area that felt sacred. Like I would somehow be infringing on the natural order of things, or offering guidance when none was needed.

I know great numerologists who totally disagree. They feel that because knowledge is power, why not use all the knowledge you can access to help that child in any way possible. They feel that by choosing a name that they feel is powerful, or positive (in their judgment), that they are essentially giving the child a gift of these positive energies. It’s certainly hard to argue with the sentiment.

Maybe I just don’t think that my judgment (either as a would-be parent or a numerologist) is the only one that counts? What if that child is meant to struggle and through that struggle they become a great artist or healer? Or if the child has certain numbers that are tough for the parent to handle – well, maybe patience is the lesson to be learned.

To me, it feels like all of that decision making is made way above my pay grade and that child is going to come into this world with his/her own abilities, talents, lessons and challenges that they feel are necessary to have on their path.

So what do you think? How do you choose to use the knowledge that you have? Maybe because we have so much access to information, now, that we have simply gotten used to the illusion of control it offers. We are used to having answers, or at least access to them. I don’t know – when it comes to bringing new little ones into this world, maybe we need to stick to magic?

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