4 Perks of Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

The revolutionary collection of memory foam mattresses is well-known for responding to your unique movements with great comfort, support or pressure relief. Most of these mattresses are available in five firmness levels, to provide comfort to people who sleep on their side, back, stomach or mixed.

Initially, the cost of these memory foam mattresses are expensive, but with the advancements in technology and its production have reduced their cost to a great extent. This makes them more accessible for widespread use among the public.


A True Body Fit

Constructed from memory foam materials, memory foam mattresses actively respond to your body to heat and pressure. Your body weight is evenly distributed over the surface of memory foam mattresses when occupied and return to its original shape when the pressure is removed.

Temperature – Control Support

Did you know your body temperature can affect how well you sleep? Since memory foam mattresses are made using a temperature sensitive material, these mattresses adjust to your body heat and weight. The memory foam mattresses become softer as your body temperature increases, to provide you a good night’s sleep. These mattresses have the unique ability to retain heat and provide extra warmth during colder months for added comfort.


Other health benefits of memory foam mattresses include relieving body pain, aches, and soreness. This is made possible because the material used in memory foam mattresses can displace pressure from points of pain on your body. These mattresses can detect temperature differences in areas of pain in on your body and mould accordingly by increasing or reducing pressure to the area.

Allergy Friendly

According to the reports of Environment, Health and Safety, “a typical mattress that has been used for a few years, contains anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside.”

Memory foam mattresses are made up of polyurethane foam that prevents the infestation of allergy-causing dust mites. Compared to other standards memory foam mattresses are made of a solid composition to prevent the accumulation of allergic agents over time.

The memory foam mattresses can absorb surface movement that reduces disturbances when a partner moves around in bed. The disturbances are minimal for people who have partners who toss and turn often during the night’s sleep.

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