4 Tips To Avoid Your Waist Trainer From Rolling Up

Anyone who has struggled to achieve the body shape they have always dreamed of will have already heard of a waist trainer. This piece of shapewear has revolutionized how people attain that coveted hourglass figure and it is becoming all the rage all over the world. Celebrities are endorsing the use of trainers for attending major events, when working out, and even for everyday casual wear.

People who have been wearing shapewear for a while eventually develop their own set of techniques to ensure they feel comfortable while wearing the trainer. Novices tend to struggle during their first few weeks or months with rolling up, sliding up, and cinching issues. Here are a few waist shaping tips to help newbies get used to their shapewear undergarments:

Tip 1: Get The Right Size

The biggest mistake many new shapewear users make is getting the wrong size for their body. A trainer that is too big tends to shift because it cannot stay in place properly. On the other hand, a trainer that is a size too small can quickly become very uncomfortable in just a few short minutes. Getting a size that is too small results in rolling and pinching which will make the waist trainer ineffective and a waste of money.

Tip 2: Different Brands Have Different Sizes

Since it is a must to buy the proper size it is also good to remember that shapewear brands usually carry different sizes. When you plan to try other brands, measure yourself again before buying. All the best brand will include a sizing chart as a basis, follow their measurement guide to ensure you buy the right size.

Tip 3: Find The Ideal Level Of Control

Shapewear garments come in different shape-controlling levels. Garments with maximum control are usually best worn by people who have had experience with shapewear because they have three layers of fabric that can be uncomfortable for users who have never tried cinching their waist before. However, the best part about maximum control garments is if they fit correctly, they will not move at all.

The same goes for garments with a strong control that has two layers of fabric. However, light control pieces tend to roll up easier because they only have one fabric layer of stretchy and soft fabric. If the light control piece does not stay in place, it is probably the wrong control level for your body. Otherwise, look into trying a different size or style to get that perfect fit.

Tip #4: Try Different Varieties 

Shapewear, just like the people wearing them come in all shapes, lengths, colors, styles, and sizes. There is no trainer that fits everyone perfectly. The key to finding one that best suits your body shape, torso length, and daily activities is to try as many varieties as possible.

Keep in mind that a trainer used for exercise is different from trainers used for fancy dresses. It is always good to have at least a few choices to cycle as well to keep them in top shape.