How to Check the Quality of the Diamond


Planning to surprise your loved one? If so, what things are in your gift list? flower? day out? then? Yes, Diamond! Gifting diamond would be the best and opulent option to impress your soul-mate. Many diamond jewelers in Albuquerque offer diamonds in lower price, but when it comes to gifting your loved one, you need a best one no matter what the cost is. Many cheaper diamonds are not good in quality, but people in common fail to look for the quality and concentrate on getting them at lower price. But do you know getting a one with the lesser quality results many issues such as chip, cracks and sometimes, shatter. So you need a one with higher quality and long lasting shine. But how can you judge the quality? Check if the 4Cs and certification mentioned below are existed in the diamond before buying it.

4Cs to Check the Quality of the Diamond

Before paying for your diamond, make sure it has the following 4Cs.

– Color
– Clarity
– Cut
– Carat Weight

When you find all the above elements combined, that is the picture of a quality diamond. So you should never miss the opportunity to make them yours.

Color Quality of the Diamond

The color of the diamond makes a big impact on its quality. The color evaluation is done based on the absence of color. A perfect and quality diamond has no hue and appears just like a drop of pure water. For measuring the quality of color, jewelry stores in Albuquerque use D to Z color grading scale which is widely accepted. The grading scale starts with D and ends with Z. D represent colorless and it will continue moving towards Z according to the increasing presence of color. So that make sure the diamond you are purchasing is colorless.

Clarity Rating of the Diamond

The clarity of the diamond is an essential element to look for in a diamond while purchasing it. A quality diamond has no inclusions and surface imperfections whereas a poor clarity diamonds can be spotted with chips and cracks. The diamond with very low clarity grade will prone to chipping, cracking and even shattering in future. The clarity grade can be examined by 11 clarity grades based on the visible inclusions. A flawless diamond has no inclusions. So have these things in mind while purchasing it.

Cut Quality of the Diamond

A well-cut diamond will have long life and sparkle than the one with lesser cut quality. A quality cut diamond interacts with the light beautifully. A well-cut diamond is essential as it gives aesthetic look to the diamond. A perfect cut diamond enhances brightness, flash and scintillation. The cut quality grade ranges from ideal cut, excellent cut, very good cut, good cut, fair cut and poor cut. Many jewelry stores in Albuquerque follows these grading system to produce a quality diamond.

Carat Weight of the Diamond

Understanding the carat weight of the diamond is essential if you want to pick the quality one. Carat weight can be measured by calibrated digital scale. A diamond marked as one carat but actually it has carat weight of 0.89 and increases the weight because of the rounding practice that many jewelry stores in Albuquerque follows. A two carat diamond with lesser color, cut and clarity could be less expensive than a one-carat diamond with higher quality.

Diamond Certification

Before purchasing a diamond, you should expect a copy of its certificate as the proof that it has undergone an unbiased and professional examination. A diamond is evaluated using trained eyes, a microscope or other industry tools. A completed certificate includes an analysis of the diamond’s dimensions, clarity, cut, weight and other characteristics. The popular diamond certification such as Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA), HRD Lab’s, American Gem Society’s (AGS), and Gem Certification and Assurance Lab’s (GCAL) are recommended for you to look for while purchasing a diamond.

Use these factors to find a quality diamond with perfect cut, color, clarity from the leading diamond jewelers in Albuquerque.

What are you waiting for? Find diamond jewelry with quality elements that are mentioned above and gift them for your loved one.

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