How to Choose the Right Flower Basket for a New Baby

Flowers have been a preferred gift to celebrate the birth of newborns. Several parents get to enjoy a great time at their home, and flowers definitely enhance such beautiful moments. There are several flowers available for you to choose, and it can be pretty confusing to pick the right flower for the occasion. Here are 3 tips suggested by experienced florists in Boynton Beach to help you choose the right flower for a new baby:

Finding the Right Color:

While pink is for girls and blue is for boys, these common choices can be a tad boring. To take it up a notch, make some great, unique options such as white and purple for a baby girl, or red for a baby boy. If you don’t prefer to put much attention to the colors, white will be an ideal option. White flowers are one of a kind, and it symbolizes purity and innocence.

Choice of Flowers:

The flowers you choose is, of course, the most important decision to make. There are a wide variety of aromatic and delicate flowers, but they are likely to die quickly. This is why you need to opt for flowers that last longer and would stay elegant, long enough to celebrate the special moment.

Carnations are an excellent choice for babies. They are soft, delicate and fragrant. Gerber daisies are also another good choice of flowers. They come in a range of colors and are available at a relatively lower price. You get to make beautiful color combinations with it, and are inarguably the right choice of flower for a newborn.


Most flower delivery stores will offer some extras along with the flower basket, to spice things up a bit. Several items can be added to the flower basket, including baby figurines, teddy bears, toys, picture frames and lots more. Think about Gerber daisies with a tiny, adorable teddy bear? That’d be a perfect gift!

You can consider gifting flower baskets to the parents too. In this case, roses will make a great bouquet that is filled with positivity, elegance, and beauty. If you are still unsure about making a good baby-themed flower basket, get in touch with a Boynton Beach florist today! Have fun.

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