Common myths about diamonds debunked!

Diamond is the most popular gemstone in the world and has indeed turned into an important element of contemporary lifestyle. Diamonds denote profound love and intense commitment and investing in diamond jewelry is a significant ritual for all those seeking such eternal values. Despite all the good vibes about owning a piece of diamond jewelry, a few myths about the gemstone continue to haunt the minds of users. Read on to find out more about these misconceptions and he reality behind them.

Myth 1: All diamond retailers and jewelers are the same

Every diamond jeweler is as unique as the diamond itself. Diamonds are high-priced stones that must be bought from reliable jewelry stores only. The experience of the store in the field and the quality certifications held by the store must be duly checked before investing in diamond jewelry.

Myth 2: The size of a diamond is determined by its carat value

One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams and the carat value of a diamond denoted its total weight. However, the carat value has no connection with the size of the diamond. The size is generally influenced by the cut or depth of the cut. For instance, two different diamonds of the same carat value but with different cuts can have varying sizes too.

Myth 3: The color of the diamond determines its brilliance.

When you visit one of the diamond jewelers to buy diamonds, you must check for the color, clarity, carat value and cut of the diamond. These four factors together determine the value of the diamond and the price that it is worthy of. However, to analyze the brilliance of the stone, it is the cut and not the color that must be examined.

Myth 4: Diamonds are short lived and are used for the sake of the moment’s charm

Diamonds are one of the strongest minerals in the world and can be scratched by another diamond only. They are sturdy mineral stones that are meant to last for a lifetime. If a diamond ring or a bracelet is bought from one of the trusted diamond jewelers and is protected through the right measures, then the sparkle and charm of the diamond will last through a lifetime.

Myth 5: Diamonds are available in different colors and each color comes with a different price

Diamonds are colorless but can be tinted with other visible shades like yellow or blue. Coloring the diamonds is not recommended by diamond jewelers in Albuquerque and it can in fact lower the value of the diamond significantly.

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