Cushions, wall art and more for your Living Room

A living room is the central hub, the space to unwind and the place where we meet and greet the guests. The living room may be chic, trendy, traditional or quirky but it always carries a strong personality and its traits are often rubbed onto the other parts of the home and onto the home owner too.

Styling a living room is no easy task and one needs to spend time and practice patience to put together a collection of accessories that are in sync with one another. This task is however simplified by using themes that in vogue. Read on to find out more.

The Vintage Style Living Room

Old is gold and going back in time to recreate the living space can be never go out of style. Upholstered furniture with pendant lights and a collection of wooden photo frames are essential to create the vintage look. Add few antiques to the display cabinets and keep the choice of colours bright and bold while picking carpets and curtains for a stunning vintage feel.

The Black and White Living Room

Colours come and go with season but the black and white combination is a real classic. If the living room has white walls, keep the furniture in white too. Buy decorative cushions online in different shades of black and strew them across the sofas to feel the white in the background turn brighter and illuminate the entire room. The perfect way to add more glamour to the B&W room is by using some wall art is strong shades of silver or oxidised steel possibly with some mirror work too.

The summer living room

Also referred to as the citrus-inspired theme, summer is all about hues of yellow, orange and red. To implement this theme, set the backdrop of the room to white and play around with fresh colours while setting the decorative cushions, carpets and the curtains. Simple add-ons like a colourful photo frame on the corner table or a silver washed metal wall hanging can help achieved a more refined look for the room

The Eclectic living room

Some people do not believe too much in playing the “matching-matching” game and instead choose a diverse set of things that together offer a contemporary look for the living room. Such eclectic rooms represent a whole range of colours and patterns across the space. Some elements that can fit into an eclectic room are brightly coloured curtains, oddly shaped décor items and photo frames placed on the wall in no particular order. Buy cushions online as the options are more and the cost more affordable.

For any living room and for every styling theme, the focus is primarily on some basic elements like the cushions, curtains, wall art and rugs. By boldly experimenting with the colours and texture of these items and exploring a whole range of wall art and decorative cushions online, home owners can come up with some outstanding themes and décor ideas in the shortest time span.

Sandy Chan is a blogger who writes about fashion, home décor and nature. Though she has majored in science, blogging has always been Chan’s strongest passion.