Decorative Mirrors – How to find the Perfect one

Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirror isn’t a new concept in home décor. Mirrors are one amongst the common elements used by many to make their space appealing, appear larger and intriguing. However, choosing the right size and shape of the decorative mirror that suits your wall can be pretty hectic. Well, put those worries away as this article will help you figure out which decorative mirror should you choose for your home.

1. The Ideal Size:

When you choose any home décor element for your wall, the scale or size of the space is worth considering. Understanding where you are hanging the decorative mirror and finding out the size of your wall space is the real deal.

If you have the idea of placing your mirror in a narrow hallway, a long and large mirror can make your hallway seem bigger than it actually is. Or, if you are thinking of placing it in your living room or bedroom, think of something that’s ornamental and matching with the design of your room. It’s always fun to try out something new and different.

2. Maintenance and Types:

There are two kinds of mirrors available for you to choose – framed and frameless mirrors. Each type suits well for different rooms in different ways. Before you choose a mirror – be it framed or frameless – make sure that you will maintain it well. Framed decorative mirrors are the best to make an impression but it does require maintenance, which isn’t time consuming. It’s best to be in the know of cleaning tips for decorative mirrors right from the experts.

3. Theme of your Room:

There are so many styles and shapes of decorative mirrors online today, which might make you a tad overwhelmed while shopping for one. Stay away from traditional styles if you are looking to add a fresh and trendy feel to your living or dining room. Decorative mirrors with exquisite architectural details are pretty, but when it comes to the shape, go for a classic square or rectangular mirrors.

When you’re off to buying a decorative mirror, consider the purpose. Are you looking to make your space seem bigger or simply add elegance to your interiors? Some of such aspects will have good impact on the type of decorative mirror you’re about to choose.

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