Eco-Friendly Benefits Of Wood Sunglasses

Nowadays, people have rightly identified the importance of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. Many of them these days are opting for organic products and they also wish to use items that can be recycled. Should this trend extend to sunglasses as well? Yes, it has already extended in the form of handmade wood sunglasses.

Earlier, to provide protection to the glasses, even in the case of falls, they came with plastic frames. But now, as against plastic, which is known to be harmful to the environment, people are showing interest in buying wooden sunglasses. In addition to contributing towards saving the environment, the users state that they are able to get a fashionable look with handmade wood sunglasses.

Some people have a question as to whether it is good to buy wooden sunglasses. Are they as good as standard specs with respect to design and style. The thing to remember here is that when you are online shopping, you will find that wooden alternatives give the same design and style as your favorite standard sunglasses. Even though, different types of woods are used in creating the frames, bamboo is widely used. This particular material is highly common as it is easily harvested. Also, another benefit associated with bamboo frames is that they can float. So, even when it accidentally falls in the water, they will not sink and be lost. In addition to bamboo, the other types of woods used are zebrano, rosewood, walnut and ebony. On the basis of your preference in style and color, you can find different colors and styles of sunglasses.

But, are the lenses good enough? The important point to remember here is that most of the wood based alternatives have the same lens options like other types of glasses available on the market. You can opt for the one with polarized lenses to eliminate the glare that is reflected by the Sun on surfaces like water and glass. You can also opt for standard lenses to get UVB/UVA protection.

How about engraved wooden sunglasses? These are artistic pieces that show the creator’s own style. So, it becomes important that you should take care of this product, like the other wood products you have in your house. If you notice that the engraved wooden sunglasses have lost its shine, you can just use wax or oil to simply get back the shine and luster of the frames.

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