Gentlemen’s Wedding Bands – Find One that Actually Fits

Usually, a guy puts a ton of thoughts on choosing the perfect, flawless engagement ring for his fiancé. But, when it comes to his own wedding band, he remains clueless about the options. Remember, you will be wearing your wedding band for the rest of your life. For some men, it may even be the only piece of jewelry they wear. So don’t let your ring be an afterthought!

Here we have listed a few things to consider while choosing wedding bands from jewelry stores to love your wedding band every bit as much as your fiancé loves her carefully selected rings.

Width of the Band

Before searching for a wedding band, one must be sure about the width of the ring they want to be. Try on different wedding bands with a variety of widths to decide on the bands that perfectly fits your finger. By balancing the size of the wedding band, you can compromise the budget.

Choice of the Metal

Conventional metals used for men’s wedding bands are,

– Platinum
– White gold
– Yellow gold
– Rose gold and
– Palladium

Platinum: One among the rarest elements in the earth’s crust, platinum is extremely durable and almost never causes skin reactions since it’s hypoallergenic.

White Gold: A member of the Platinum family, white gold is gold plated in rhodium with brilliance similar to platinum but at a lower price point.

Yellow Gold: It is a classic option for wedding rings with a warm glow.

Palladium: Palladium is also the member of the platinum family and costs less than platinum and white gold.

Rose Gold: This beautiful, unconventional metal creates a vintage effect and is perfect for a groom who wants a more distinctive look.


The favorite comfort fit bands from jewelers come with round edges and makes an excellent choice for men who are concerned about how it will feel to wear a ring every day. Other than round edges, the edges of men’s wedding bands can be curved or flat, forming right angles to the sides of the ring.

Finish of the Wedding Band

High polish wedding bands are the traditional choice among grooms and describe metal with a reflective finish. If you want to have an understated, modern feel, opt for bands with Matte finish that is less reflective. Today, hammered rings are becoming popular among men since it has a unique, eye-catching look, and textured effect.


Embedding your ring with diamond or sapphire accents, add more sparkle to your wedding ring.

For more collections, contact your Albuquerque diamond jewelers and walk like a prince beside your princess through the aisle.

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