Get Trx Suspension Trainer Exercising Pro Pack

One from the few fitness devices which could fit in those descriptions is the TRX Suspension Trainer. Designed by an U.S. Navy SEAL, R. Hetrick and his SEAL teammates, the history of TRX Suspension Trainer can be traced returning to a training harness produced from parachute webbing that’s hand-stitched together by boat repair tools, that was used by Hetrick and his awesome teammates to remain in peak physical condition regardless of their mission locations. From that simple parachute webbing and boat repair tool, the Navy SEAL guys began to develop new exercises and develop the harness for being the complete field-training TRX Suspension fitness device, as you may know today.

The TRX Suspension Trainer contains sturdy nylon straps, a modular anchoring interface that may be attached to any elevated fixture. It creates resistance from a body weight and gravity and that means you do not need to be worried about resistance and fitness buddy. Since you are the individual that is in control, you can safely practice countless exercises that would build balance, flexibility, power, strength, and mobility, for your own fitness skills, power and pace. There are integrated foot cradle for ground-based exercise and club-grade, which would work best for pull-ups as well as other exercises that train the top of body. Furthermore, the TRX Suspension Trainer’s degree of difficulty could be adjusted (from 5 to completely of your body weight) so that you are able to increase training level gradually.

Bring your TRX Suspension Trainer when you are on a holiday, in the hotel, outdoors, when you are getting home from work or when you find yourself alone at home. Install TRX modular anchoring interface to a tree branch, door or any other elevated surface and start building parts of your muscles and achieving your fitness goals. You can purchase the TRX Pro Pack that accompany Basic Training DVD workout and in-box workouts (the TRX Endurance Circuit and TRX Metabolic Blast), along with a 35-page workout help guide to help you get the much of your workout. Or you’ll be able to purchase the TRX Suspension Trainer Professional that includes All-Body Xpress, Vol. 1 DVD offering multiple cardiovascular and all-major group of muscles spot-training exercises. The DVD includes bonus warm-up routine, expert advices and strategies, and a complete, waterproof fold-out usage and setup guide. Each TRX Suspension package features a drawstring-closure mesh bag. Get your TRX Suspension Trainer and plan your training schedule to accomplish your fitness goal fast.

Product Features

Portable suspension-training workout tool with couple of sturdy nylon straps for fitness on-the-go

Lightweight and easy to set up

It uses bodyweight and gravity for resistance so user can appear free to train anywhere and anytime they want

Versatile and well suited for all fitness levels and goals

Modular anchoring interface to install the tool to any elevated fixture

There are adjustable degrees of difficulty (from 5 to 100 percent)

Bonus DVD and workout guide to help you get most from your training

Bonus mesh bag to hold and carry the device around

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