How good is Your Leather Wallet?

Leather wallets for men are popular gifts for special occasions and important accessories that complement the style quotient of every man. Multiple varieties of leather wallets are available in the market today but one factor that stands desirable across the whole range is the quality of the wallet.

Read on to find out some interesting tips to assess the quality of a leather wallet.

1) Leather

The foremost factor that contributes to the beauty of a wallet is the leather itself. Good quality leather is tough, elegant and ages with grace. To test the quality of leather, consider the following factors.

a) Smell: Inferior smells like plastic or some type of chemical. Real leather has a distinct, strong odor that can be told apart.

b) Label: Good leather carries the label “full-grain”.

c) Edging of the leather: Must be allowed to tan completely without the use of paint to hide blemishes.

d) Look and feel: Top quality leather feels good in the hand. It is neither hard nor thin and comes with a fair dash of elegance and regal looks.

e) Price: Obviously, you will not be able to lay hands on good quality men’s leather wallets for $20 or $30. Good leather comes with a price and the price is indicative of the quality of the leather.

2) Finishing and Lining

Once you have examined the material on the outer part of the wallet, it is now time to inspect the interiors. Top quality men’s wallets made of leather must come with interiors that reflect durability and top notch craftsmanship. Flimsy partitions and incomplete linings along the interior design of the wallet indicate reduced lifespan and are not worth the money paid.

3) Hardware components of the wallet

Leather wallets for men may include a zipper within or a push button to keep its contents safe. The quality of these components must also be checked as damage to these elements will make the wallet useless. The zipper must preferably be made of brass that is plated with copper or nickel (avoid wallets with zipper made from inferior metal). The zipper-tape fabric must be sturdy and the weight of the zipper must be proportional to wallet. Also the zipper must not be over-sized and must be contained comfortably within the wallet. The same checklist can be used for buttons included in the wallet design.

No matter how good is the quality of the weather, the user must practice certain maintenance tasks (like use of a leather conditioner, avoiding contact with water and moisture and so on) for the wallet to last for several years.

The author is working at a leading lifestyle store in Australia. He loves to blog on recent lifestyle trends and focuses more on men’s leather wallets. Read here to know more.