Know these 4 Different Types of Pearls

Pearls have always been associated with class, elegance, sophistication and popularity. Pearl jewelry is an ideal gift for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Graduation Day, wedding anniversaries and others. There’s an array of pearls available in the market today with different pricing; it can leave you worrisome with choices. If you know these four different types of pearls, you will more easily decide which pearl necklace or earring you’d like to pick:

There are four incredible types of Pearl:

1. Freshwater Pearls
2. Akoya Pearls
3. Tahitian Pearls
4. South Sea Pearls

Freshwater Pearls:

Freshwater pearls are made from solid nacre. It’s quite rare to find them in perfectly round shapes. Only 2% of all freshwater pearls are round or nearly round. However, the majority of them are irregular. This type of pearl comes in a variety of natural colors such as orange, pink, cream, lavender, and white.

Akoya Pearls:

Akoya pearls are the most popular form of traditional pearls. They are perfectly round in shape, and its popularity dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. Akoya pearls are found in the sea-beds of Japan, China, Southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf, with its average size ranging from 6 to 8 mm in diameter. They come in pink, cream, white and rose colors. Their highly lustrous nature makes Akoya pearls unique.

Tahitian Pearls:

The exotic look of Tahitian Pearls has bought fame to itself. Though not entirely black in its appearance, Tahitian pearls are known as Black Pearls. These pearls, in fact, have the widest range of colors of any other pearl found in nature. They come in black, grey, brown, blue to green, pink, yellowish green and purple colors.

South Sea Pearls:

South sea pearls are the largest and the most valuable pearls available in the market. They measure from 8mm to as much as 20 mm in diameter. Since they are formed in warm waters for a long period of time, they exhibit a unique lustrous glow. These pearls come in silver, cream, yellow and golden colors. These are in fact the most beautiful pearls the earth has to offer.

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