Merry Christmas! Choose Among these 6 Best Christmas Flowers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas and the holiday season are just around the corner and what better than using flowers to gift, decorate and celebrate this momentous occasion? With so many gorgeous flowers available in different colors, it is possible for you to be perplexed in choosing the right flower. To narrow down our search, here are 6 best Christmas flowers recommended by Boynton Beach florists:

1. Hydrangeas:

Hydrangeas truly represent celebration and festivity. They come in a variety of colors, and if you prefer to keep away from the regular color choices such as green, white and red, Hydrangeas will be a great choice. Florists in Boynton Beach suggest using light pink or purple color Hydrangeas to elevate the spirit of the holiday season.

2. Amaryllis:

Amaryllis is a uniquely stunning flower and they stand out among a bunch of flowers. There’s the red and white striped one that will perfectly match with the colors of most of your Christmas goodies and candy cane treats. Try to mix and match colors to create a more unique look.

3. Carnations:

Carnations are a popular flower that will suit almost any occasion. Carnation flower arrangements always look classier than traditional color choices such as yellows, whites and reds. Carnations come in different eye-popping colors. Pairing this flower with other attractive ones such as Lavender and Fuchsia makes way for creating an intriguing combination.

4. Lilies:

Again, Lilies are always an unavoidable choice when it comes to holiday flower arrangements. They are not just beautiful, but long lasting as well. Combine this flower with other options such as tulips, red roses and carnations, and your flower arrangement will definitely stand out.

5. Red Roses:

Roses are indeed an obvious choice. In fact, they are beyond just being a valentine flower. A bunch of red roses will make a gorgeous holiday flower bouquet. Exhibit your floral arrangement more beautifully with additions such as ornaments and pinecones. Roses are outstanding, for these flowers alone would suffice to create an amazing arrangement.

6. Tulips:

A bunch of Tulips in a square vase will create a very exquisite arrangement. White and red Tulips is the best combination for Christmas, but take it up a notch with red and pink colored Tulips as well.

If you are inspired by these flower choices, visit some of the best flower shops in Boynton Beach nearby and choose your preferred flower. Also ask your florist for more ideas and inspiration on Christmas flowers.

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