Preparing Your Jewelry for the Pawn Shop

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes the bills can be more than what you have at the bank or in hand. During such times, it makes sense to take something of value that you can use to secure a short term loan and pawn it. Once you are past the rough patch, you can then go back to the pawnshop, repay your loan and get it back. In order to get the most out of the jewelry you are looking to pawn, you need to make sure that you present it at its best. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Clean it – Once you have selected the piece or pieces that you will be presenting at the pawn shop of your choice, you need to clean it. Invest in a good cleaning solution that you can use on earrings, necklaces and bracelets. It is important that you make sure the stone is clean as well. A toothbrush does a great job of cleaning these. It is important to ensure that you clean where the Karat marks are so that your pawnbroker is able to see how many Karats it is.

2. Bring the complete set – Many times when you buy jewelry it will come with extra links, or if it is a ring it may come with a wrap. Bring all these extras with you and be sure to clean them just like you have cleaned the main piece of jewelry.

3. Bring the appraisal – If you have recently had the jewelry upraised you should definitely take it with you to the pawnbroker. This piece of paper usually has important information about the jewelry including the stones used and the metal it is made from. This information may form the basis of the pawnbroker’s decision on how much to lend you.

4. Be realistic – A piece may have lots of sentimental value to you which may cause you to be greatly attached to it and to feel that it is one of a kind. In truth, however, most of the jewelry that is sold comes from a set of generic designs and there are usually many pieces similar to that one. Don’t be surprised if the pawnbroker is not overly excited about your piece. He has probably seen several just like it.

With this information you can walk into any pawn shop in Kansas City confidently and with managed expectations and get what you are looking for.

The author is an enthusiastic Blogger in Kansas City. She is working as a financial advisor in a leading Pawn shop for more than 5 years. Visit for more details.