Proven and Effective Skin Care Tips for Winter

Dryness, flaking, chaffing and redness! Uff! Obviously, our skin does not love this time of year quite as much! Winter can take its toll on the condition of our skin and the chillness of cold winds robs the natural moisture content in your skin when exposed. This becomes even worse, when the centrally-heated homes and offices deplete the skin of moisture. Caring for your skin in winter would become an uphill struggle, if you are prone to eczema, rosacea, or other skin related concerns.

The low moisture content in air dries out your skin quickly, so choose natural-cream based organic cosmetics to beat the winter-skin woes.

Winter Skin Care Tips to Escape from Harsh Weather

Use Organic Cleansers

Using cleaners that require a plenty of water to rinse off can lead to dryness of your skin. So, make use of creamy organic cleansers to sweep all over your skin morning and night to remove makeup, dirt and grime. Using organic cleansers would draw moisture to the skin and protects your skin from other damages.

Organic Moisturizing Serum

Did you know serums are crafted to get deeper into the skin to deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients? Use moisturizing serums before applying moisturizer, and after toner on clean, dry skin. It also works in different ways to protect your skin against various environmental aggressors and maximize skin regeneration rate by 25%.

Oil for Face and Body

Before applying moisturizer, use oil all over your face and body to lock in moisture and leave your skin feeling so smooth and luxurious. Also, make sure to massage oil on your damp skin for more effective results. By applying oil over the damp skin, the nourishing goodness of the oil penetrates into the skin easily. Opt for organic almond oil or rosehip oil to treat dry skin and balance the moisture level in your skin.

Organic Sunscreen

As temperatures begin to dip and the sun sets earlier, you may think that it’s time to stow sunscreen. But remember, protecting your skin against UV damage is a year-round commitment. So, it’s important to apply a thick layer of broad-spectrum SPF you’re your skin when hitting the slopes or taking snowy walks during winter weekends. Choose a sunscreen that uses all organic, ultra-gentle ingredients to powerfully shield your skin from UV damage.

Other Winter Make-up Tips

– Stay away from powdery makeup as it can make your fair skin look duller.
– Try applying a liquid highlighter for a most natural look in winter.
– Apply a creamy, hydrated mask to your face for 5 to 15 minutes to get rid of dry, flaking skin overnight.

The author of this article is a certified beautician with specialization in organic cosmetics in Australia. In this article, she lists the important factors to consider while wearing winter makeup and tips on how to protect your skin with natural cosmetics. Visit for more.