Searching For The Best Smartphone Camera Models

Today\’s smart phone cameras are more powerful and smarter than ever. Yet, not all of these amazing phones are created equal and some have better features than others. Here are some important features to look for, to help you save money and get the best smartphone camera possible.

The best cameras are easy to operate and there is not a great deal of adjustments necessary. Also, it does not take very long for them to be ready for action. This is an important feature to consider if you enjoy taking those cute and adorable images of children or pets, as they play. If you can simply point and click, you can get those special shots.

Many people are concerned about megapixels, but few smart phone owners actually know what a megapixel is and why it is an important feature. Digital images are made up of tiny particles called pixels and one million pixels are equal to a megapixel. Naturally, one would think that an image with more megapixels would be clearer and sharper than ones with fewer megapixels. However, megapixels do not tell the entire story.

As you shop smart phones, you will notice that some have many more megapixels (MP) than others. If you need a camera for printing out clear color photos, you should try to get a phone that has as many megapixels as possible. However, most phones are not used for this purpose, so you may not need as many megapixels as you think. In fact, five megapixels is usually plenty for taking photos for uploading to social network sites and other websites, so ten or sixteen megapixels may be more than you actually need.

Many top smartphones have cameras with digital image stabilization. This feature helps to keep image blur to a minimum if you are taking pictures while traveling or moving. For example, you might want to take an image or movie from inside a vehicle as you travel down the road. Digital image stabilization will compensate for shaking or other movements that the car might make, and you will get a clear picture.

You may see an \”HDR\” function on some of the smart phone units and this refers to high dynamic range. HDR takes three separate images of the same picture and combines them into a single image that is clearer and sharper. It works best for images with still subjects like scenery and when taking photos with a lot of action, it may not be effective.

Any time the light is low your LED flash will come to the rescue. However, some phones have dual LED flash capabilities and this will provide better pictures in darkened areas. Yet, dual flash does use a great deal more battery power and can be an expensive feature.

To get the best buy on smart phone cameras, make sure you get one that is simple to use and operate. Do not be too concerned about megapixels or even HDR, but dual LED flash and digital image stabilization can come in very handy, if you want to spend a little extra.

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