Things to Remember While Buying Gold

Almost every person in the United States buys gold at some point in time. Events such as weddings, anniversaries, baptism and baby dedications are excuses to own the yellow metal. However, when we buy gold, we are never completely aware of the essential factors that must influence our choice of gold jewelry.

Below is a list of factors that must be considered to strike a good deal while investing in gold.

Understand the basics of gold purity and corresponding prices

Any good jewelry store would carry gold ornaments with three different levels of purity – 10K, 14K and 18K. 18K is the purest form with almost 60% gold and the rest constitutes of other metals (used to make the ornament for sturdy). Clearly, the price of the ornament goes up based on the quality of gold. Apart from the karat value, weight and intricacy of designs are also matter when it comes to determining the cost of gold jewels.

Gold comes in different colors too

Yes, you heard it right! Gold may be yellow, white or rose in color. Rose and white gold are slightly more expensive than the conventional yellow gold and can be worn in any form just like yellow gold. Ornaments that are termed as “gold-plated” come with a thick layer of gold finish and are affordable too.

More factors determine cost of gold

When the gold ornament is stone studded, then the quality of stones is also scrutinized. The weight of the stones and their quality also play a vital role while selling as well as buying gold jewelry. It is always recommended to obtain the breakup of the prices for the net gold and stones before paying the price. Also, the labor cost involved in designing and making the ornament is passed onto the buyer. Designer ornament with hand-made elements and unique designs cost a significant amount of dollars.

Some jewelry stores also offer pawn shop services

When you buy gold jewelry, opt for a jewelry store in Kansas City that offers pawn shop services too. This way you can be sure that your jewelry will watch what it really deserves in the time of need. The pawn store will offer reliable services and will loan the best possible amount for their gold jewelry. In addition to this, if your chosen jeweler offers jewelry repair in Kansas City, then it is an even greater advantage.

Gold is one of the most beautiful metals in the world and is adored by women of all types. To buy gold at its best price and be 100% sure about its quality, one must invest time and effort to find the best jewelry store in Kansas City.

The author is working as a financial advisor in a leading jewelry store in Kansas City. He loves blogging and offers tips and guidance in buying jewelry to the readers of his blog. Visit to know more.