Top 5 Tips for Antique Shopping

Some people are obsessed with antiques, and have a blast shopping for them! However, antique shopping should be done carefully and meticulously. Certain dodgy antique dealers might try deceiving customers by selling fake antiques and charge higher prices. To make sure you spend your money on authentic antiques, here are 5 tips you can follow while shopping for antique furniture in Montclair NJ:

1. Notice the Finish:

Buying a wooden table, dresser or similar antique furniture? Look to see if the piece is finished before you buy it. If a piece of furniture is refinished, it might mean that the product isn’t as old as you’d have thought. Finished antiques would still be worth something, but they aren’t as high in value as an unfinished piece. Authentic antiques will usually have a worn look.

2. Be Prepared:

Make up your mind and decide what you need to buy before shopping. Use the internet and books to research different eras and styles you prefer. Knowing your preferred style will make shopping quicker and easier.

3. Analyze the Craftsmanship:

Is it well constructed? Does it have any broken pieces, stains, or cracks? Don’t forget to ask the seller about the piece’s history. And don’t be put off with asymmetry! Cuts that look a bit asymmetrical mean that they are authentic. If they look perfectly symmetrical, they are most probably machine-made.

4. Do a Background Check of the Dealer:

When it comes to shopping for antiques, it is important that you find a reliable dealer. A well reputable antique store will sell only the most legitimate pieces at reasonable rates. Ask more about the dealer and see if they offer only real antiques. Check online and personal reviews of customers to see who they do (or do not!) recommend.

5. Get Expert Assistance:

If you are unable to analyze if a piece is authentic or not, you can consult with an expert who is well experienced and trustworthy. With their wealth of knowledge, they will help you determine whether you should snatch up that new piece or run away!

Do you have experience buying antiques? Which antique materials do you shop for the most from antique stores in Montclair? Let us know in the comments!

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