Tulips – What its Colors Truly Signify

Spring is here and it represents a fresh start for many. It is that time of the year when winter comes to a close and the world is beautified with colorful new blooms such as tulips. Tulips are popular not just because they’re beautiful but they signify different meanings in accordance to its colors. What better than offering a bouquet of elegantly beautiful tulips to your loved ones? Before ordering your favorite bloom from a flower shop, here’s what you need to know about the various colors of tulips and their hidden meanings.

White Tulips:

White tulips represent innocence, peace and humility. White color is usually associated with the attribute of forgiveness and amicability. Hence a bouquet of white tulips is perfect as a token of apology. White tulips are usually offered for remembrance and respect, which is why they are a popular choice in funerals.

Red Tulips:

Red is the color of love. Since the color red instigates passion and romance, red tulips would act as the perfect choice to express your feelings to that special someone. Tulips are also a flower that is often related to 11th wedding anniversary. Come Valentine’s Day, arrange a beautiful bouquet of red tulips.

Yellow Tulips:

Flower with yellow color were initially associated with hopeless love and jealousy. The perspective however changed over the years and now represent cheerfulness, hope and positivity. Yellow is the color of friendship, hence yellow tulips are ideal as a caring gift for your best friend.

Orange Tulips:

Orange tulips scream happiness. Tulips of this color also symbolize mutual understanding between a couple. Some of the attributes of orange tulips include fascination, enthusiasm, desire and energy.

Pink Tulips:

So your friend just acquired a new job or got a promotion in their existing one? The best way to congratulate them is by gifting them a bouquet of pink tulips. Pink tulips symbolize confidence and happiness, thus making them a perfect gift for several occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Purple Tulips:

For several years, purple has been considered a royal color. Purple tulips, therefore are identified as the flower of royalty. Purple also symbolizes rebirth, hence making it an appropriate color for spring. Add this to bridal bouquets.

You should understand by now that there are several colors of tulips that suit various occasions. If you couldn’t pick the right color, mixing the different colors and adding them altogether would do.

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