Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas

Zombie Halloween costumes are the most fun and interesting to create. There are so many variations to how zombies can look that you don’t have to stick to one set formula for the costume. All you need to remember is that zombies are walking corpses and they need to look like they were recently killed.

This means you want to have a lot of fun with coloring your skin different colors like green or brown. But most importantly, you want to have blood stained clothes and possibly even blood coming from some area of your body.

Obviously, you will be using fake blood that you purchase from an outlet or novelty store. If you want to get really creative and are limited on resources, you can use ketchup for the blood.


You need to first choose what kind of zombie that you want to be. Are you a businessperson that turned into a zombie? How about a cheerleader? Start off with clothes which resemble the type of person who was killed and then transformed into a zombie.

So, if you were a business person then you would wear a suit and tie, dress shirt, khakis, and/or dress pants. If you are a cheerleader, then you would wear a short skirt which resembles the colors of a particular school.

Whichever outfit you choose, make sure you won’t want to wear it again in your regular life because you are about to mess it up.

If you want to depict how the zombie was killed originally, you could use the fake blood to design wounds on the clothes which resemble stabbings or gunshots. If you have any specialized accessories, like fake knives, which you can have stuck out of your body, that would be even better.

Otherwise, just squirt a bunch of fake blood on different areas of the clothing. For added appeal, make a few tears in the fabric of the clothing so that it looks scarier.

Basic Makeup

The makeup will be the most important part. You could have all the blood on your clothes that you want, but it won’t make much of a difference if your face does not look like zombie’s face.

Therefore, you will want to either purchase a special zombie makeup kit or simply gather together some white face paint, eye shadow, eyeliner, and black lipstick. These will be your essential makeup items for creating a scary zombie face.

The end result should be a pale white face, black eye sockets, a black outline around the eyes, and black lips. If you want to add blood makeup to areas of the face, that will be good too.

Advanced Makeup

So far, you have a basic zombie look which includes blood-stained clothes and a zombie’s face. If you want to take your zombie costume to the next level, you can use add contact lenses, prosthetics, and/or fake teeth.

The most advanced will be the contact lenses because these will make your eyes actually look like zombie’s eyes. You can get lenses that will make your pupils look green, yellow, black, red, or whatever else you want. Any full zombie costume will certainly have contact lenses like these. You can purchase them online at a number of Halloween stores.

Fake teeth and prosthetics can be purchased anywhere, although the higher quality ones will need to be purchased at a Halloween store.

Some of the prosthetics available can help create the appearance of stitched skin, facial deformities, scars, open flesh wounds, and hanging skin. As for the teeth, you can either use teeth makeup or just put it fake teeth entirely over your real teeth. The fake teeth will look green, rotten, and maybe even bloody. Just use your imagination and have fun with it.

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