Areas in which a psychic can’t help you

Genuine psychics are gifted with extra sensory perception and they are able to observe things that most people cannot. During the psychic reading, they associate themselves with you and your surroundings. Thus they can aid you by understanding what is happening in your life. They would share with you all the information that they have got during the process. However, there are some things that a reputed psychic wouldn’t tell you. They are discussed below,

When am I going to die?

It is interesting that an alarming number of people would consult a psychic for death predictions. But no matter how well the psychic is experienced in this field, they cannot retrieve such information for you. The exact timing of a person’s death is not fixed as the way you live your life impacts the nature of your death. There may be some rare circumstances where the psychic gains access to it. But a professional psychic would never share this with you as it is against their ethical practice. Also, they cannot predict the date of an apocalypse.

Will my ex-wife lose her job?

Some people might consult psychics to know what is happening to others. But a psychic would not be able to satisfy their curiosity because it is against their standard to reveal details about a third party without their permission. But they could give you a general idea on how to deal with others.

What is the winning number of the lottery?

A psychic usually cannot help you to win the lottery That would make them God!

What do you prescribe for shoulder pain?

Psychics cannot replace doctors unless they were graduated in medicine. Though they can identify if you have a medical condition, all they could do is suggest you to get medical advice from a qualified physician.

Can I invest in this property?

Other than medical advice, best psychics would stay far from legal or financial suggestions. They cannot tell you if you can invest in something or not. They might have some intuition about these sensitive issues, but it isn’t their place to advice you. Avoiding legal and financial safeguards both you and the psychic.

Therefore, do not get disappointed if your psychic could not offer you solutions for such questions.

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