How To Obtain An Accurate Tarot Reading

Through the years, tarot reading has become more and more popular among the population. A large number of people visit tarot readers for the purposes of everything from entertainment to guidance while making life altering decisions. Some of these visitors seek readings in order to gather information about their future as well. Regardless of the intent, a skilled and knowledgeable tarot reader is important for receiving the most accurate readings.

The Hollywood image of an older lady with gypsy style clothing is not necessary in order to insure your tarot reading is accurate. The theatrics of this type of reader may give the feel of accuracy, but many skilled readers wear everyday clothing like those who may visit them for guidance. In fact, most won’t have a crystal ball and be set up inside a tent. The majority of these people work out of their own homes and practice this ancient art from their own kitchen table.

The use of tarot cards can be traced back to the early 18th century and has taken on many forms since that time. The main purpose has always remained the same though. These special cards are used in a way that can help a person make sense of all the things that have happened in their life. It can help reveal a connection between each of these events and provide information for predictions about the person’s future.

The variety of deck styles is numerous but one thing remains the same among them all, the meaning. The meaning behind the cards in each deck will always be the same, regardless of what the picture might look like or what colors were used. If told otherwise, false information is being given and this could mean an inaccurate reading will probably be given.

There are many different patterns used as well. The pattern used for a reading depends on the types of questions being asked or the information being sought. Questions about one topic might require the cards to be laid down in one pattern while questions about a completely different topic may require a different pattern to be used altogether.

Some questions are simple and require nothing more than a short and simple answer. A basic method such as the three card spread is adequate for providing the information a person might be looking for. The person seeking the answer actually chooses the cards themselves so it provides a very personal experience. Another plus to using this method is that it can be completed quickly, usually only taking a few minutes to do the reading.

For readings that require a little bit more time and depth into into the question, something like a horseshoe spread is appropriate. Twenty-one cards from the deck are used in this arrangement. The cards will be placed on the table in small groups of three. Each group focuses on something different. These include the past, present, future, the unexpected, the people in your life, obstacles that are standing in your way and finally, the outcome.

Another spread that can be used for an overall general view of a person’s life is the Celtic Cross spread. This spread works much in the same way as the horseshoe but required the used of less cards. Ten cards are placed on the table in a cross pattern as they are read. The first and second cards represent the present and what problems the person might be encountering. The third and fourth cards represent the future. The fifth card represents the past. The sixth card also looks at the future, but further ahead than the third or fourth. The seventh card represents the state of mine the person seeking answers is in. The eight looks at how the people around this person might influence them. The ninth represents the person’s hopes and fears. Finally, the tenth card represents the outcome much further in the future.

While there are many more methods of tarot reading that can be used, these are a few of the most common. Depending upon who is doing the reading, a person might see any one of these methods being used or a method that wasn’t even mentioned here perhaps. Most tarot readers favor certain methods and believe them to be more accurate than others.

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