What Is Feng Shui

What Is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is surely an ancient art practiced for over 3,000 years in China. The meaning of Feng means wind and Shui means water. Chinese thought that the people are relying on the surroundings for better and for worse. To eliminate negative elements from the environment,

Chinese arrange their surroundings in this manner so your positive energy flow will produce peace and harmony. Thus, the total amount is attained within the positive and negative energy of environmental surroundings to promote health, harmony and fortune for the folks dwelling it. Feng Shui offers a variety of tricks and tips to improve your lifetime.

Theories Of Feng Shui

* Qi (Chi) Chi will be the term used for that universal energy. It is referred to the energy that surrounds us. The Feng Shui deals with the vitality present within the body in addition to energy outside and inside the house. The main motive of feng shui is always to channel the energy within the positive manner at your residence so that it maintains good flow of chi energy in the body. Chi could be of two sorts. Sheng Chi is vibrant, fresh, alive chi which will be present around us for fortune and Sha Chi Or Shi Chi are sharp, low, depressing and attacking energies that ought to be avoided.

* Ying and Yang Theory The Ying and Yang are opposite poles that ought to be in balance. Yin and Yang depend on the theory the opposites cannot live without another. They are like two sides of the coin. They represent duality and these two parts are together called as one whole part, Taiji. There should be balance between Yin and Yang. They symbolize cycle of constant change. For instance, dark to light, low to high, aggressive to passive, feminine to masculine. Yin and Yang exist in specific amount inside five elements of Feng Shui- water, metal, soil, wood, fire.

* Bagua Also known as Pakua, it represents the cyclic energies with the universe. Bagua or Eight house, consists of an octagon with Taiji in center. Each eight side with the Bagua is called the gua and represent one side from the five elements. Bagua divide any room into 9 sections that mirror the gua distribution. Feng Shui Bagua works well for recognizing the ‘Power spots ‘. They are the important tool of Feng Shui. Power spots are unique to every person, home and family. The power spots are determined by the nearby environment along with the items that are going on with your life.

Feng Shui Your Home
Simple Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

A perfect property is a house where each of the objects are in harmony to every one other. Simple Feng Shui tips balance the energy and you obtain the flow of universal positive energy inside the entire space in your home. It is advisable to see the basic principal, essence and spiritual nature of Feng Shui before applying it at your home. Start with basic Feng Shui tips then gradually move to more advanced Feng Shui levels.

Some helpful Feng Shui tips to the beginners are as follow:

* Rid your home of clutter: Get rid with the things at your residence, which is either useless or broken. Clutter gave rise to negative energy. Clearing the unwanted clutter will produce peaceful and harmonious energy at your house .. You can remove the useless torn magazines, accumulated bills and stacked up newspapers. Remove the clutter from each room of your property.

* Improve the center of your property: Center with the home is most likely the heart from the home. The heart from the home is assigned to health. It should be from clutter so that positive chi may flow inside the entire house. To create balance position the put the largest central piece of furniture in center with the room. Do this in each room, along with position pieces contrary to the corner or a wall. This will restrict the circulation of air. Placing the vase of live plant on the center table will help the energies for health insurance balance. Adding a physical object that makes you laugh is the one other way in promoting good health to suit your needs and your family.

* Allow good Quality Air light at your residence: Light and air are essential for good Chi, or feng shui energy at your residence. Open the windows often allowing as much sun light as possible into your home. Introduce feng shui air-purifying plants or readily air-purifier to produce positive energy. Use full spectrum light for better illumination. If the windows of your property are not facing sunlight, use mirrors to reflect the sunshine.

* Avoid sharp corners: Feng Shui masters visualize each room as whether square or perhaps a triangle. However, they always recommend round corners to the furniture. If you have any furniture with sharp corners consider replacing it.

* Use appropriate colors: The energy of your own home will be stabilized by balance and harmony. Use proper colors to improve your mood and energy at home. Red is loaded with energy and intensely bright, it’ll inspire to go ahead, But do not use it in the bedroom. Orange could be used within the kitchen and playroom because it is refreshing and revitalizing. To promote fun and relaxation, use softer shades of orange in family rooms. Yellow promotes vitality and creativity, and may be used in office or kitchen. Green and blue are mental relaxing and healing colors and might be added to a room when someone is sick.

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