Discover Winter Fun Activity Programs With Turnersville NJ Kids Gym Classes For All Ages

A gymnastics class teaches children many skills in addition to tumbling. Yes, the kids learn to do somersaults and cartwheels as well as basic movements such as stretching. However, they also learn to be sociable and to listen to instructions while attending class at Turnersville NJ Childrens Gym. All the learning is done while the child is having fun.

During the winter kids have so much pent up energy due to not being able to play outside. In the gym they have a large space in which to run around and learn some new things. Young toddlers may take a class that includes having a parent participate alongside them. This allows them to develop and at the same time have the security of knowing a parent is nearby.

Safety is a major concern and all possible precautions are taken. Classes are small with lots of attention given to each child. No one is rushed into attempting a new skill unless they are ready. Encouragement is always given and criticism is never used to motivate anyone.

The child who learns early to enjoy physical activity will continue to enjoy it as he grows. It is a great contribution to the health of anyone to get sufficient exercise. Classes for toddlers and teenagers are available.

At first the kids are placed in classes according to age. As they learn the physical skills, they also acquire social skills. Basic movements include stretching, hopping on one foot, skipping and playing games together.

Under the tutelage of all certified instructors, each child is encouraged to learn how to perform new tumbling skills. Padded floor mats are used to avoid accidents. Classes teach increasingly advanced skills as the children grow older.

The body control kids learn at all ages prepares them to participate in school sports. They will be more coordinated and flexible after taking these classes. The younger the child, the more the focus remains on socialization and simply having fun.

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