Homemade Carp Boilies And Paste Secrets Of Making Irresistible Nutritional Baits!

More and more carp anglers are wanting to make their own unique secret homemade carp baits and are in need of the most powerful information! Often anglers designing carp boilies and other baits will think about ingredients and recipes first. Protein ingredients will tend to figure prominently in bait design. When making homemade or readymade boilies all too often the form rather than function is focused upon as in thinking about eggs and binders, but this completely the wrong place to start out your bait designs!

The most successful and reliable, superior starting point in designing carp baits is to make baits reflect the most highly evolved sensitivities, metabolism and energy efficiency factors which have formed into the organisms that they are today. To create baits that best mirror the evolution of fish takes very much insight based on research and years of practical bait and substance testing. Instead of just using calculations and guesswork, the wise angler uses comparative analysis bait testing, using control baits and incremental simple small changes in refining bait versions in evolving and improving them in every way so the result is guaranteed winners based on real fish feedback information. Bait testing is the design backbone of the most successful baits and it is absolutely essential, even for the most experienced of bait designers, as this provides the information with which to ultimately genuinely maximise and optimise baits for maximum success!

I made high protein boilies and balanced nutritional carp boilies and pastes for 25 years and this really was a massive learning curve which led to new and unusually alternative paths, thinking, optimising methods, different application approaches to optimise bait truly and far more. I improved my big carp baits massively by studying big catfish sensitivities and metabolism alongside those of many species of other fish, including perches, salmonids, cyprinids and many more! My bait studies resulted in catching the biggest 2 catfish in the UK on repeated occasions plus more big catfish over 70 pounds on non-live baits than anyone else in the UK! Yet my catfish bait studying and research evolved for the biggest catfish actually manifested my very best baits for multiple forty pound carp catches in the UK; ultimately resulting in my hooking the world record carp in 2006!

Following so much researching, testing and consulting for the biggest bait companies and writing my big carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks series, plus doing personal bait tuition (over the past 14 years,) I am definitely in a uniquely proven position to advise anglers! From beginners to experts who have caught some of the very biggest carp in the UK, my ebooks readers and tuition clients have caught numerous rarely-caught and much sought-after fish, including guys who caught Heather the leather, the biggest leather carp in the UK. I’ve also taught guys who went on to catch the biggest day ticket carp in the country at over 62 pounds, multiple times. Also I have had complete bait making beginners for personalized one to one bait design and bait making tuition that have successfully made their very first homemade baits and then out-fished everyone on their lake using their new homemade baits, first session out.

The fact is that designing baits using the old fashioned approach of thinking eggs and binders first must be forgotten and consigned to the past where it belongs! The best starting point in cutting-edge bait design in my experience is actually nothing to do with what holds baits together (as in binding!) What matters most in bait design is exploiting fish sensory systems, unique individual carp sensitivities and exploiting bait in solution! It is imperative to grasp the principles of exactly how to optimise and maximise how bait solution is dispersed in maximum intensity and duration and creating baits which never have a peak as they remain at their feed-triggering peaks literally all the life of the bait!

The best bait design is based on maximizing understanding of carp functioning and evolution, in context; internally and externally! It is vital to understand carp evolution because bait literally is about exploiting this central focus of energy pathways and uses to sustain carp healthily! Understanding how most effectively and efficiently stimulate fish feeding behaviours and how to replicate and mimic circumstances and substance combinations and levels that most impact and alter mood and brain chemistry instantly are essentials of superior homemade bait design! The ultimate aim of bait is never to feed fish; instead it is to trigger the most intensively overpowering fish feeding behaviours (in real time,) to maximise hooks in mouths, with absolutely zero pre-baiting and the least bait possible required and so saving immense amounts of time, effort and money!

To achieve maximised density, development and constant flow of true feeding triggers within and issuing from the core of your baits dynamically is completely essential! Potent metabolic factors and energy-balancing factors are vital keys to bait detection and to the stimulation of the very strongest feeding responses! (These aspects and others are a great part of the primary the basis of what the most instantly-effective nutritionally-stimulating winning baits actually are!) In my own bait designs I focus my attention very much especially upon specific and combined palatable factors which induce actual bait testing in the back of the mouth which gets hooks so deeply in the mouth for maximum hooking potential.

Fishing baits for carp are tested whether boilies, paste baits, seeds, pulses, pellets etc, mostly by external means, using receptors on fins, belly, flanks, face, tail, lateral line, barbels and lips, (to ascertain whether baits are potential food or merely threats! Using conventional boilies most testing of baits will be external instead of actually internal in the mouth, yet back of the mouth testing is the real aim. Encouraging back of the mouth bait testing for me is absolutely the true function of baits because this is where maximum hooking is actually achieved! Deep mouth movement inducement leads to superior numbers of hook ups and is actually the basis of truely optimised bait designs and this is just one key aspect of what I teach in my written and pictorial course for beginners to expert levels.

Having taught bait design and bait courses in personal one to one intensive day courses for approaching 6 years the catch results of clients from new starters to experts has really blown me away! These positive results condensed over the past 6 years into a new ultimate bait making secrets course is instantly proving to instantly improve food bait boilies and all other forms of baits for experts right to total beginners with instant big fish success. Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets course, and tuition and ebooks is more revealing information than ever seen anywhere before. Look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and biography for further information on my exceptionally powerful, totally unique bait tuition and accompanying big carp and catfish bait making ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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