Interested People Learn About Parent And Child Gym Programs With Turnersville NJ Kids Gym

As every parent knows, children are happiest when they are physically active. These classes offer the opportunity to run around as they learn social and motor skills without realizing they are learning. The youngest can take classes in which the parent participates in the fun. At Turnersville NJ Childrens Gymnastics there are classes for the tot to teen age child.

The youngest tots take a class with the parent participating. As they progress to kindergarten age, the parents observe the class from the sidelines. Gymnastics are not the only thing taught. Along with tumbling, the children learn the importance of following directions and social skills such as taking turns.

The tricks taught are age and ability appropriate. They are encouraged to progress and praised for their effort regardless of achievement. Throughout all classes, physical development and expertise is an important component. The boys and girls separate into classes based on gender as they get older.

There are four events that girls can compete in. First of all flexibility and strength must be developed. Good motor skills are needed to perform on the uneven parallel bars and the balance beam. The vault and floor exercise each require specific abilities.

The boys who are interested in competing at some time have six events. They also have floor exercise and vault. Other skilled events are different than the ones girls compete in. Each child will start at a basic skill level and progress from there.

Goals are set by each child at the beginning of each course. The youngest will be hard at work perfecting their somersaults and their first cartwheels. Since not everyone is interested in entering competitions, only those who are set extremely high goals.

There are fun-filled classes in trampoline. Jumping, twisting and doing front and back somersaults in the air are all exciting activities. There is always an emphasis placed on safety during trampoline classes. On the floor mats tumbling tricks such as back handsprings prepare the girls to try out for cheerleading. These physical activities promote good health in children of all ages.

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