Irresistible Nutritional Carp Boilies And Pastes And Big Protein Secrets!

Find out how to make the very best baits and multiply your catches fast! Do you know how and why flavours and ingredients actually work and why? Amino acids, solvents, flavours and salts all affect water molecules in ways that mean carp detect them easily and they stimulate feeding if you use them in the right ways! You can create instant nutritionally-stimulating baits with just the right information!

I’m best known over the years for my recommendation of paste baits and no egg boilies. Also I’ve been recommending no heat treated baits, using very potent bait treatment processes which make baits exceptionally enzyme active, seriously detectable and digestible, throughout the entire life of my baits! So to begin with let’s begin with a few of the most easily obtainable substances upon which to base some instant-acting nutritionally-stimulating baits. These include luncheon meat, spam, corned beef, sausage paste, crab paste, fish paste, shrimp paste, salmon paste, liver pate, chicken pate, sweetcorn, hemp and Belachan block.

Paste design from the sixties is really as I would most recommend, before heat and eggs crept into the new concepts; nutritional baits are best, functionally with no egg and heat sealing! Baits don’t need to be complicated to work, but what matters are the basic principles of exploiting sensitivities, solubilities, optimised concentration gradients released, and stimulants levels (in maximum levels!) The old school ingredients of salts, peanut butter, Marmite and liquidised sweetcorn in white wheat flour catches fish and is soluble and instant, just as corn flour based flavoured sweetened custard powder also works! It is very wise to seriously work on maximizing and optimising your baits based on old recipes, because fish are most sensitive to such old recipes as used in the majority of readymade baits!

You need to break down any and all whole foods used in your baits into their unique components so your baits are far more soluble and thus detectable to your fish; just liquidizing substances will make a significant different to your catches! Liquidised baits on many levels function in superior ways when used as paste compared to tight knit powders in sealed heated boilie form! Paste baits are the ultimate bait format and every single aspect and functional and intrinsic impact and effect of such bait can be measured, controlled, refined, optimised and maximised, with no restriction on shape, form, texture, feel, density, movement and solubility etc! Actively soluble baits are the best baits you can make; this is where the highest percentage of the bait can interact with water to stimulate fish feeding.

A great example is use of Belachan block where as a whole it is not detected very easily, but when you make a concentrated solution of it and taste it then its rich amino profile seriously stimulates the senses; i.e. bringing the bait into its finer components! When Belachan is mixed with water in concentrated solution then this is where the principle of solubility and responses really shows, even to our dumbed-down human senses and it’s where we really are most stimulated by all the salts, amino acids and other stimulants and attractants in Belachan, or indeed in any other whole food or liquidised food item, (everything being enhanced by Belachan taste!) Test any substance against similar ones for the best palatability, feeding response, solubility and stimulatory behaviours responses with your fish; not every Belachan is the same as another so test and compare all substances you use! The very best Belachan will have the strongest aroma and taste and dissolves in cold water the fastest!

On the starter level you have a difference in impact and effect of substances, for instance whole shrimp paste is more detectable than a heated boilie containing lots of whole shrimp. Fermented shrimp paste, Belachan is far soluble, easily detected and feed-stimulatory than whole shrimp or prawn with a huge difference in what is being leaked off! The big lesson here is that if you want to make the very best bait, ensuring your bait is most easily detected and triggers feeding best, then absolutely make sure that you use soluble substances. Most especially where whole food groups, in particular proteins and others, where free amino acids and peptides, salts etc are freely released and enhancing, in literally the most water-molecule electrically-conductive ways, so fish detect them and are stimulated into the strongest feeding, instantly!

Krill meal is a great example of a well-proven whole food protein ingredient. However whole krill is simply nowhere near as instantly effective as hydrolysed krill protein in liquid and powder forms used together! Hydrolysed krill is nowhere near as successful as hydrolysed krill protein. The broken down components of krill in pure protein form are massively more soluble and effective than whole krill; that’s my whole point about whole food versus how much better it is broken down!

Liquidising whole foods is a very basic first step in easy and instant homemade bait making! Decades ago paste baits really held sway and were primarily based upon protein substances and not carbohydrate binders and were boosted using herbs, spices and countless possibilities of natural extracts of many forms forming very successful soluble baits without eggs or heating! The true way to maximizing success is by breaking down your bait substances to much more profound degrees, which is where enzymes, fermentation, probiotics and more seriously give you a huge edge! (These processes, genuine bait optimising and maximizing secrets are just a part of my bait tuition for defeating leading readymade baits and new bait secrets products!)

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By Tim Richardson.

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