Practical Benefits of Regular Sports Massage

The benefits of massage do not end when you walk out of the spa. If you are playing sport or training regularly, a massage performed by sports massage therapist can work wonders for you, improving your sporting performance. It’s also an ideal way to prepare for intense activity (a team match or a marathon, for example). Here are some of the practical benefits of regular sports massage for those who are thinking of booking a treatment.

Helping with injuries

For starters, a sports massage will help to reduce the risk of common muscular strains and to relieve the symptoms of repetitive strain injuries. Whether you are a professional or amateur sports person, sports massage can reduce the chances of you developing sports injuries and can also help the body to recovery from injuries faster. It also helps to relieve muscle pain and tension.

Helping with performance

Similarly, your massage therapist can help you to analyse how to improve your sporting performance. By preventing the number of injuries that occur, sports massage allows you to train harder for longer, and address any muscular imbalances that may impede your technique or ability to cope with the demands of your training schedule. Your muscles will be revitalised and invigorated, helping to keep you in shape and ready for your next competition or training session.

Massage can also help restore joint range of motion by working on tight soft tissues around a specific joint, enabling you to perform at your optimum. Furthermore, toxins and metabolic waste will be removed faster. Additionally, massage can help improve your overall health by boosting your immune system and improving blood flow and lymphatic circulation around the body, giving your body the tools it needs to work at an improved rate and helping you towards a personal best performance.

Helping to improve your sense of wellbeing

Sport is often as mentally challenging as it is physically demanding. Having your head in the game is essential if you’re to stay one step ahead of your competition. The relaxing effect of massage is well-known and massage does so much more than just give you a temporary high. It promotes relaxation and better sleep patterns, relieves the mental stresses associated with competitive sport and busy personal lives, improves concentration and can even enhance your self-image. Being confident brings better results and better sleep makes your brain more alert, promoting your ability to make the quick decisions that make the difference between winning and losing.

No matter what sports you play or fitness activities that you are involved in, sports massage has both sporting and holistic benefits. Incorporating sports massage into your training programme is likely to help you to face your training regime and competitions with the confidence that you need to succeed, as well as a reducing your risk of injury and injury recurrence.

Ellie Searle is the owner of Chelmsford-based physiotherapy and massage clinic Stretch Physio.