Create unique Floorings with Acid Stained Concrete

People always prefer to make their homes look magnificent with interior décor ideas. By bringing in stylish and crafty tiles, wood, carpets and other beautiful items of art, they try their best to make their living space look elegant and fun to live in. Besides all such aspects, flooring has also occupied a prominent position when it comes to interior design. Stained concrete flooring adds a touch of style and Continue Reading;

How Concrete Staining Works and its Benefits

Though concrete staining is becoming a popular process, few people still doubt about how safe it is to stain concrete. If the procedure is done properly, concrete staining does not create any problems, and your floor will be completely safe. The coloring agents will only stain the concrete, and thereby do not make the floor wear or vulnerable to any other issues. On the other hand, polishing or coating the Continue Reading;

Concrete Staining Options for First Timers

Concrete staining is a technique which can convert your boring concrete floor into a piece of art. With interior designing and modernization of living spaces in demand, concrete staining is becoming an option for many people, since it’s both cost effective and also makes the floor look modern. Types of Concrete Stains For first times, there are 2 types of concrete stains – acid stains and acrylic concrete stains. Acid Continue Reading;