Causes of High Cholesterol and Natural Remedies

The root causes of High Cholesterol is said to consist of: Diet that is poor, especially one high in cholesterol, saturated fats and refined carbohydrates Family tendency to high cholesterol Insulin resistance diabetes Hypothyroidism Stress Inactivity   You are most likely to have cholesterol that is high and that can lead to heart disease if … Read more Causes of High Cholesterol and Natural Remedies

The Best Supplements to Include in Your Low-Cholesterol Diet

When dealing with high cholesterol, vitamin supplements are often a solution thought about. But before opting to go this route, one must understand that different kinds of supplements will have many different results depending on what you choose. Because of this, a health provider must be consulted in the beginning to determine what your cholesterol level is, and what supplements to purchase. It is also very important to take note that supplements will not reverse the ill effects of unhealthy habits such as cigarette smoking and a high fat diet. These supplements should only be used as what is was intended for, to help but not treat any underlying conditions. Therefore, you should only use these combined with healthy habits such as a low fat diet and an active lifestyle.